Monday, February 7, 2011

Floral Fabric Bulletin Board in the Studio Makeover

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Pink foam core insulation board and floral PB fabric...the perfect combination for a DIY bulletin board in the studio makeover. It's an early kick off for spring!


1. Prime and paint the foam insulation board. To make sure that the pink did not show through the fabric, I used a primer that I had on hand and a custom paint color from Mythic Paint to create a neutral backdrop. I used a roller for the main surface and the Purdy paintbrush for the edges.

2. Measure and cut the fabric. The fabric I used is from PB. I bought in on eBay years ago. As I've taken the Hand-Built Pledge this year, I'm doing my best to use what I have on hand. This was the perfect time to put it to use. I rolled out the fabric on my long dining table. The fabric is already 54" wide, so it was perfect for the width of the foam board. I used the tape measure to mark the distance of 104", lined up the straight edge, and used the rotary tool to cut a perfect straight line.

3. Iron! Yes, I actually used an iron. I simply unrolled the fabric, set the iron to the appropriate temperature, and did my best to get out those wrinkles.

4. Place, tape, and check the fabric. Before securing the fabric permanently, I wanted to make sure it looked good. I placed the fabric face down on the table. Then I placed the foam board on top of the fabric. Starting at the center of all four sides, I pulled the fabric snugly and used Gorilla Tape to temporarily tack the fabric in place (above left). That allowed me to I then pulled the fabric and taped it at key points around the perimeter of the entire board. When I was ready, I pulled the now fabric-covered board off the table to check it (above right).

5. Staple gun the fabric. Once I checked the temporarily taped fabric and was happy with how it looked, I used a staple gun to make it permanent. I decided to staple right over the tape and around the perimeter of the fabric to secure it all the way around. A few extra staples at the corners helped to keep the extra corner fabric in place.

6. Affix the DiscHangers. Now hanging this beast offered a bit of a challenge. Enter DiscHangers! I used 3 of the 140mm/5.5" the top left, top center, and top right of the back of the foam board. I simply followed the instructions and waited overnight for them to adhere securely as recommended. Yes, they adhered beautifully to the fabric and the foam board. Brilliant!

7. Hang it up! Hubs helped me mark off and put in nails that would align with the DiscHanger hooks. Then we simply hung it up. Voila!! This bland wall went from ho hum to floral fabulous!

Here it is all gussied up in the studio space...

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  1. What ever will you come up with next? Love that fabric...

  2. I love the ginormity of it? Is that a word? It is now :)

  3. That made such a difference, doesn't feel like the same room.


  4. wow!! Now that is some bulletin board! It is huge!! Very cool!!

  5. Great workspace. I hope you'll update often as you add to the board.
    Dropping by from How To's Day. Hope you'll come see DD2's picture wall we did for her.



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