Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Industrial Copper Light in the Studio Makeover

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Let there be light! Vintage industrial copper light, that is!

This rustic beauty was a score from Jane at Mustard Moon in Carver, MN. 

I'm a big fan of patinaed copper and brass pieces, so this light fixture was right up my alley.

It found a new home over the 4x8 fabric covered bulletin board made from insulation foam.

And it shines the perfect amount of light onto the vintage stainless steel desk workspace.

I love that the copper verdigris ties in with the greens found throughout the rest of the room.

Should a light fixture really make a girl this happy?

{Need to catch up on the rest of the studio makeover?}

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  1. Oh how I've enjoyed everything you've done to this studio! Especially the light and white chippy chest of drawers. It all looks amazing! Makes me want my own studio :)
    Becky C

  2. I'm loving how your studio is turning out. First...I love that vintage table and the white chippy cabinet. That inspiration board is so nice and huge and will look great as you add things to it. You are inspiring me to makeover my own studio space.

  3. Awesome light fixture! This room is really making a statement! I love the old with the new. Great job!

  4. It looks great and casts a wonderful glow. It's funny how we can get so excited over the perfect piece of old stuff.

  5. does it get any better than that? the PERFECT light fixture, amy.

  6. What a great find! Does it just plug into the wall. I'm thinking you have the cord running behind the board? It looks great in there.

  7. I love that room....what more can I say! Now this light....just perfect!

  8. Amy...i love the aged industrial mixed with the subtle cabbage roses...it's just cool... and well thought out...i too love copper's verdigris touches...inside and out! *Lynne*

  9. Well it's certainly making me happy and i'm not the proud owner!!! Looks GREAT in there! ;)

  10. I know a light like that would sure make this girl happy! That is the perfect addition! love it!

  11. VERY cool, Amy! And yes, it makes me giddy and it's not even mine!

  12. Love it! Fits right in, and your studio looks fantastic and love the words Studio on the door! A true believer and rightly so.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  13. I want the desk when you're done with it. The light is cool, too! ~Mindy


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