Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vintage is Mintage!

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WhisperWood Cottage style is usually heavy on the vintage pieces with a few contemporary pieces mixed in here and there. In the case of this nook in the master bedroom, it was just the opposite. It was filled with contemporary items only...the bench, the bolster pillow, the mirror, and even the wall design. While I appreciated the look of it, it was feeling "not quite right." 

After reflecting on it for a while, I realized that while I love contemporary pieces, I need them to be balanced by the character of vintage finds. The simple addition of a pair of vintage ballet slippers (found at a flea market last fall) made the space work for me. It took it from not quite right to just right.

The conclusion?

Vintage is mintage!

(Awwww, yeaaaaah!)


  1. I love your chic contemporary nook. The shoes do make it just right!

  2. Loved it before...still love it! That stencil is bold and the shoes soften it! Great choice!

  3. LOVE the shoes. Lots of memories when I see those,wish I had mine!

  4. I was wondering where on earth you found the time to add ballet to your long list of accomplishments and activities!
    Great touch.

  5. Love your viniette. Stencil is fabulous and that mirror is stunning.

  6. Oh, I love that wall. I actually gasped. Girlie, you made me gasp!

  7. amazing what one little missing piece of the puzzle will do. looks very mintage!

  8. hey i think those might be my old ballet slippers! i do love the vintage vibe they add and the soft color.


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