Wednesday, March 30, 2011

12 Examples of Vintage Signs in Contemporary Decor

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Hoooowdy! It's official! You are talking to one major fan of vintage signs! Here at WhisperWood Cottage, vintage signage of all forms (metal, wood, paper, etc.) are standard fare. In fact, there is no room in the cottage that does not currently have one or more vintage signs on the wall. 

This post is a mere sampling of some of my favorite pieces that have graced the walls throughout our home at one time or another. Each of them was discovered on one of my many junking adventures...and all in Minnesota! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do...

Vintage Royal Signage: A Crowning Touch in a Cottage Bedroom

Making History in the Master Bedroom

Guest Bedroom Changes: Vintage Sign & Dresser

Room for Rent

Reflecting on a Depression Era Sign
For the Record: Vinyl-Inspired Table for Two

WhisperWood Cottage Kitchen: How it Looks Today

So, what's your sign?
Are you a fan of vintage signs?
Which of the signs above is your favorite?
Is it the color, shape, texture, material, or typography that you like?

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  1. LOVE these, oh my goodness, do I love these!

  2. I'm a huge fan of signs but I don't have any as cool as yours! My favorite is the Ontario highway sign. Love that one!

  3. I'm definitely a fan of signs. I just don't have your knack for taking something like that and making it look awesome. Mine would look like I stuck a sign on the wall.

  4. LOVE vintage signs...yours are all amazing but my favorite is the church sign in your master bedroom! Laurel

  5. These signs are amazing!!!! Where do you find these treasures?


  6. I love vintage signs, and you have some really great ones!

  7. I am so jealous of all your signage! You do have such a great collection. I just one one #2 sign that I won in a giveaway. I wish I would run across more around here.

  8. I love the American Railway sign for sure!! But all of them are so cool!!

  9. I do love vintage signs but never seem to find any around my neck of the woods. My favorite is the Greyhound.

  10. oh! i LOVE vintage signs also! i once found a HUGE one that said..."BOYS" on it..and the lady told me it was from an old department store...hanging over the boys clothes. i didn't buy it..and i seriously think about it ALL.THE.TIME. :( i have never seen anything like it anywhere else! regrets.... :)

  11. As a collector of vintage signs, I like the way you have showed them in a contemporary setting. I collect vintage soda and restaurant signs and advertising. People often don't see them as art but, I do.

  12. Love all your vintage signs!! My faves are the Rent and Paycheck signs. I like the colors of them plus the history behind them (5 digit phone # -- too cool).

  13. While I love the greyhound and think it is an incredible piece, my favourite is still the King's highway sign from here in Ontario. The signs are so cool and definitely your authentic style. I don't have any real vintage signs yet, but a few faux and some I have painted.

  14. I love signs! My favorite that I've collected is a vintage WWII sign from a defunct Army base which reads, "No Trespassing. US Military Instalation. Use of Deadly Force is Authorized."

  15. I like the church sign above the bed, sort of makes you smile when you see it. I love old signs and like the way you have used them! Found you on one of the link parties.

  16. I adore old signs. I can't think of one room in my house that doesn't have one, either. Maybe I should do a blog post like this of just my signs! I think the church one might be my fav 'cuz I've never seen one like it before. I bought a HUGE arrow sign with the name of a town we once lived in, but it's so big I can't find a place for it. :-(

  17. I have always loved signs, and old tin boxes, and any sort of graphic about advertising. So mych vintage charm out ther to be had! My, you have QUITE the collection! The groceries sign is soooo cute!


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