Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Be Smart. Be Safe." DIY Words of Wisdom from Amy's Dad

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As my wise father always said to us before we left the house...

"Be smart. Be safe." 

When we were younger, it was his way of telling us to stay away from things like drugs, alcohol, smoking, and other pressures that youth often face. While that phrase annoyed me during my teen and college years, it is now engrained in my head. As an adult, I can now see the wisdom in those words and how they can easily be applied to DIY and other decisions in my life today.

Instead of telling us what not to do, those simple words provide a guide of what to actually do. They provide a ruler, if you will, to which all potential actions can be measured. Here's how it works...

Is X smart? Yes. Maybe do it.
Is X safe? Yes. Maybe do it.
Is X smart AND safe? Seems like a good choice.

Is Y smart? Yes. Maybe do it.
Is X safe? Not so much. Should probably be avoided. How about X?

As DIYers, we constantly put ourselves in harm's way with power tools, chemicals, particulate matter, etc. We can take a lesson from dear Dad and ask ourselves those two simple questions before taking on a DIY challenge..."Is is smart? Is it safe?" Consider my dad's voice now engrained in your head, too!

I encourage you to always put your health and safety first. Here are a few quick tips for DIY health and safety...
  1. wear safety gear
  2. know potential risks
  3. be awake and have a clear mind
  4. pay attention to what you are doing and to what is happening around you
  5. work within your skill set and ability
  6. ask for help when you need it
What brings on this safety message?
"It all started innocently enough. I had picked up this 3-drawer wooden cabinet at an estate sale some time last fall. It has been patiently awaiting a makeover with a fresh coat of paint. As I prepared to paint it, I pulled out the third drawer and a strong, musty odor assaulted my senses. And here is what I saw...



  1. Amy,
    Wise advice. I was worried when I was reading about what you found in that drawer. Mold is bad, but I kept thinking of so many worse things that could have assaulted your cute nose. I'm gonna be stocking up on face can bet on that.

  2. Mold can really be a hazard! It gives me terrible migraine headaches...not to mention the damage it can do to your lungs!! Yikes! But good old bleach can save the day and it will kill that mold straightaway!!!
    Good that you took it outside!!
    Oh and you need a chemical face mask..the regular dust mask will not do at all!!


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