Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Great Lamp Tragedy

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Did I ever tell you about "The Great Lamp Tragedy?" I don't think I have. And it bears telling. So, hold on to your lamps!

It all started years ago when I splurged on a pair of lamps from PB (you can see one of them in the photo below). The lamp style was called the "Terrarium Lamp Base." It consists of an upright glass cylinder nested inside of an upside-down glass cylinder that is wired as a lamp. The idea is to fill the inside cylinder with photos, seashells (like I have below), etc., place the wired cylinder over it, and add a lamp shade.

The lamps lived a relatively peaceful life up until the beast below entered the picture...our 2010 Christmas tree. I was sitting on the couch one evening during the holiday season...laptop on, chatting with my mom on the phone and basking in the glow of the merry twinkle lights. All of a sudden, the tree started to slowly lean. As if in slow motion, it continued its Leaning Tower of Pisa impression and just kept on going...heading straight for the side table...and the lamp! I was unable to react in time.


Lamp upended on the floor. Glass shattered everywhere. Peaceful night gone.

{I cried.}

The vacuum wasn't working correctly.

{I cried harder.}

Realized they don't sell that lamp anymore.

{Now sobbing and trying to clean up glass with a useless vacuum cleaner.}

Needless to say, I survived the tragedy. Ron came home, fixed the vacuum cleaner, and helped me clean up the disaster. While I was tempted to throw the tree out in the snow bank, we opted to put it back up. We also attached the piece that you need to screw into the bottom of the tree to keep it from tipping in the tree stand. I guess they make those things for a reason. Expensive and emotional lesson learned!

Luckily, it was not a complete loss.

{A glimmer of hope!}

What do to? Stay tuned!

Have you had any minor disasters that you've had to deal with in your home? How did you react? Did you find a solution?


  1. Such a sad story, I do hope it has a happy ending!

  2. ... waiting for the next blog - maybe a happy ending? Beautiful tree though. My memory of a trauma related to the home was the first scratch on the newly installed wooden floor (we installed the flooring ourselves and it was a tough job) - I cried buckets. Now, scratch, ding, dent on a new floor or on a wooden table, I just live with it (love the Grandson more than the wood).
    - Joy

  3. I too had tree fall over barely missing my 3 year old (at the time), Broke a lot of my glass ornies, yep, cried too! Just stood it back up again and cleaned up the mess!!

  4. Oh I feel your pain... I was trying pictures on an existing nail... by my front door. I took down my favorite oil painting... the really expensive one .. and set it on the floor. Hung a window mirror up and stood back to see if I liked it... and... the old wire on the back gave out and the mirror crashed through the canvas of my favorite painting leaving a 10 inch gaping hole.

    I'm still NOT over it. Going to go cry now... again...

  5. Don't give up hope. You can probably buy it back on ebay. Place a permanent search for it. I usually can find long gone Target things on ebay, brand new. Where they come from I have no idea. My husband always says, "If that's the worst thing that happens, we're in good shape." Ann

  6. We were sitting in the living room, quietly watching TV when all of a sudden we heard a loud crash! We looked over and saw that the glass shelf in my curio cabinet had let go and crashed into the other glass shelf and they all went down. One on top of the other! All of my collectibles were in there. Figurines and the like!! Broken into a million pieces!! Some were porcelain dolls!!!! Glass and figurine pieces everywhere! I cried!!
    The shelves were being held up by the shelving pegs....who knew they would let go!!!!!?????
    So now we put all shelves on wooden ledges inside cabinets and bookcases. Lesson learned!
    Sorry about your lamp! Mine were one of a kind too. Can't be replaced or remade!! Sigh!
    Still weepy!

  7. Oh the pain....I know how you feel. I had taken down a vintage iron mirror for my hubby to replace the wall screw (i had noticed the mirror kept moving) so that it could hold the weight of the mirror up better. I set the mirror down in the hallway while my hubby did his magic. I hung it up and realized it was I took it back down. I was in the kitchen getting cleaner when I heard a CRASH! Apparently my 2 cats decided to see what the "new" thing was in the hall and started a WWF fight right there in the hall and instead of killing each other, they killed my mirror! I really wanted to put 2 cats up for adoption right then and there......that will teach me to clean a mirror! Ha!
    I would say check Ebay for your lamp, but something makes me think you got something "new" up your sleeve...heehee

  8. My husband once brought home a 17 foot Christmas tree. Yes, 17 FEET of piney goodness. We had to bolt it into the wall and strap it with climbing rope. Not the most attractive display but I managed to hide it as best I could. The cats loved it as they could climb around in its lower branches without accident. However, the next holiday season when he brought home a mere 13 footer (and we had to get the big ladder out again, I found pine cones that had apparently leapt from the previous tree onto the surrounding structural arches in the room. I was (a) amazed yet again at the craziness of bringing nature like that into our living rooms, and (b) dismayed that it had been there a full year. So no broken lamps but I do have structural hooks in my walls that must be covered during the other 11 months of the year.


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