Monday, March 28, 2011

Idea #1 for Linen Chalkboard Tape: Drawer Label

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If you saw the previous tutorial on how to Make Your Own Linen Chalkboard Tape, you will know that I promised you a few creative ways to use it. For this first idea, I decided the linen chalkboard tape would work perfectly as labels for my metal cabinet...

All those drawers with label holders and no labels! 

So after making the linen chalkboard tape, I cut off a section to fit in the label holder. In this case, I wanted to be able to remove the label easily, so I left the adhesive backing on it.

With the simply addition of numbers on each drawer's new chalkboard label, it's all ready for organization! I didn't get a full shot of the cabinet afterward, so you'll have to imagine the cabinet with labels on every drawer. Can you see it? Can ya'? Can ya'?

A couple more ideas for the chalkboard linen tape coming up!

In the meantime, I have a couple questions for you...

#1 I saw a couple etsy vendors who were selling chalkboard globes. They were pretty darn cool. What's the most creative thing you've made or seen that acts as a chalkboard?

#2 Y'all are invited to the Chalk Talk Party here April 16-30! Are you planning on linking up your chalkboard project(s)?

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  1. Great idea! I have an old drawer cabinet, and haven't repurposed it. Wil have to try this.

  2. I like that idea - and leaving the backing on the 'tape'. Looking forward to more ideas.
    - Joy

  3. Awesome! I have a few card catalogs that I am going to try this with... Inspiration Awesome!!!

  4. At I bought some Chalkboard fabric!! So cool!! I have used it to label some storage containers so far and it is wonderful to work with. Very much like your linen tape is!
    Love the labels you made.

  5. Love these labels! Although I am not sure that only numbers would help me to remember what I put in each drawer. I only have half the numbers of drawers in my library cabinet and I still have to open them all regularly to remember what's inside. Time for me to make some proper labels too.

  6. YEP....I'll be tryin' this one too.... :o) !!

    And I so AGREE with 'Inspired by you'....GENIUS....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)


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