Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Idea #2 for Linen Chalkboard Tape: Inspiration Board Label (and 1 Simple DIY Tip to Prevent the Need for Couple's Therapy)

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Here's a second idea for you after you Make Your Own Linen Chalkboard Tape. Idea #1 involved labeling drawers. This second idea incorporates the fabric covered bulletin board in our recent studio makeover.

After adding the craft paper chalkboard, I still had lots of room left on the bulletin board. 

The main purpose I created the bulletin board was to serve as a place to hang visual inspiration for projects around the house. I dove into my inspiration file and pulled out all the magazine pages I've saved over the years that include features I'd like to incorporate in our upcoming master bath reno.

I used the linen chalkboard tape above the inspiration photos to label the inspiration area. The text can easily be changed out when the next project comes up or if I have multiple projects happening at a time. Archival quality linen cloth tape is designed for use with artwork and photos, so it is easily removed and/or moved and it won't leave a mark on the fabric or anything else it comes into contact with.

The master bath reno is going to be a full tear-out, so it will be quite the job once we start. I'm nervous and excited about it all at the same time, because it will be such a major task. I want to make sure we have a plan in place and have the materials we need. Here's my current vision of what the space might look like...

I like to sketch out my ideas on paper and have inspiration sheets before I start any major project. The main reason is that it helps me convey my vision to my general contractor...aka, my hubby, Ron. :) It helps us to have a goal in mind so that we can determine the materials and tools needed. It also helps us not to argue over what I meant and what he thought he heard me say. It's a simple DIY tip to prevent the need for couple's therapy!

What's your process for planning major renovations?

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  1. love the craft paper chalkboard....
    you've inspired me to *pretty up* my photo board with something like this in my sewing room.....!

    there's my wednesday morning gone- lovely!

    melissa x

  2. love the whole room.

  3. Im loving your blog...I love the way you use vintage items! I am huge junking addict and love repurposing old to new.



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