Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Make Your Own Chalkboard Tags (from old business cards!)

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I've been at the chalkboard paint again! No, not sniffing it, you silly! After the fun I had creating the Craft Paper Portable Chalkboard, my mind kept thinking about other things I could transform. As I perused my new studio space, my eyes alit on a stack of old business cards. Hmmmm.

So, what started out as this...

...was transformed into this...

I added a whole crew of these chalkboard tags to my vintage ladder and wire basket organizer. If I ever get around to actually putting these baskets to use, the tags will be easily editable.

Want to make your own?...

So, do you have your projects ready for the Chalk Talk party?
See you here with your chalk & chalkboard projects starting April 16!!

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  1. What a great idea !!
    Thank you for sharing with us ~


  2. What a fun thing to do! I think I'll try it =)

  3. That is a great idea! They look so cool on your ladder baskets... genius! xoxo

  4. Hi,
    i found you from the follow along party and I am now following you! Please follow me too. Here is a link to my post with all my info. Thanks

  5. Those ladder baskets and the chalk board tags are fabulous!!
    Great idea!

  6. ok - I have a stack of formica chip samples - I'm putting chalkboard paint on them now - thanks for the inspiration!
    amy of four corners design

  7. brilliant! i have TONS of old biz cards that need to be repurposed.think this would work with chalkboard spraypaint?

  8. I love everything about this project and the baskets are gorgeous hanging!
    Thanks for sharing with us!
    Take care
    Kristin XO

  9. Absolutely BRILLIANT! I have a box of business cards here at my office that I almost NEVER give out and my daughter needs some tags for her bedroom...I am TOTALLY doing this! Just need to get my hands on one of those little bottles of DecoArt Chalkboard Paint...or maybe it would work with the can Valspar Chalkboard Paint I had to buy for another project?! Might have to try that one out first. Thanks for the idea!

  10. What a great and easy idea. I love it and can't wait to try it.


  11. There goes that creative genius thing again! LOL So cute and clever! ~Leena~

  12. I never would have guessed that would work! That's so fun! (And, I love the ladder baskets so very much. What a great feature - and functional, too!)

  13. Well, aren't those just awesome! I love the idea of using an old business card. Great job

  14. genius! and I have some old business cards!

  15. I love this idea, and I'd love for you to submit it to the M&T Spotlight at

  16. I love this thrifty project. There's something about the combination of the metal baskets, wood ladder, and those little chalkboards - so yummy!

  17. so very perfect! I love a great repurpose!

  18. Where on earth did you find those baskets?! I love them! Also, I am soooo making those tags!

  19. waste not want not. Great idea!

    Now, wherever did you get those baskets???

    barbara jean

  20. Love this idea!! Featured this in a roundup today on our blog!! :)

  21. These are adorable and so clever! We included them in a roundup on our blog today!! :)


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