Monday, March 14, 2011

Taking Your Portable Paper Chalkboard on the Go!

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Did you see the "Make Your Own Craft Paper Chalkboard" post from yesterday? It's a really easy project involving craft paper and chalkboard paint. It works great simply pinned up on the bulletin board in the recent studio makeover...

Among the many kind comments, The Vintage Attic said...

oh my gosh!! This is just fabulous, I could really use this for when the grand kids come over, they're going to think Nan rocks. I think I'll put one in the garage for a to do list for the hubby. I'm sure he will thank you:)

Q. can I roll it up for storage? 


Well, Melissa, you read my mind! You can easily transport this bad boy! I simply unpinned it from the bulletin board and then I took a second and wrote a quick note to some special people...

Now, you also have to have a couple more things to accompany your traveling paper chalkboard. First, is chalk! I dug around in my stash of salvaged gift tags, ribbons, and bags from previously received gifts. I found this great fabric bag, which originally held a piece of jewelry designed by Gretchen of Mimi-Toria's Designs and gifted to me by Gretchen and my other friend, Lani of Cottage Elements.

The second thing you need to make it portable is a way to keep the paper from unraveling. At first, I planned to use a piece of raffia. But once I realized the loops of ribbon from the chalk bag would fit perfectly around the roll of paper, a new solution was born!

I simply rolled it up and slid the roll in between the loops of ribbon.

There you have it! A portable paper chalkboard ready to go! Go where? How about...
  • on a picnic at the lake
  • to the playground
  • in the car
  • to Grandma's house
  • to school
  • to the office
  • to a birthday party
  • in the garage for hubby's honey-do list
Any other ideas on how this could be used?

While we're on the subject of chalk...

ANNOUNCING!: The first-ever Chalk Talk party here at WhisperWood Cottage! You have a month to get your chalk and chalkboard projects and posts ready!! I'm working on putting together some great prizes! If you plan on joining the party, please post the button on your sidebar...

Anyone planning on joining the party?


  1. LOVE IT!!! My mind is abuzz about great this would be for school & PTA!!!

  2. a chalkboard party might just give me the kick in the behind i needed to complete one of the projects on my "to-do" list!!

  3. you could take it to a sporting event and write messages to your team... :)

  4. Look like a teacher gift waiting to happen!

  5. This is quite brilliant! Thanks for sharing such a fabulous idea.


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