Thursday, March 31, 2011

You're Invited to a DIY Anniversary Celebration with 4 Parties!

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The past year with The DIY Club has been fun, creative, and crazy all at the same time. As one of the original founding members, aka Official DIY Gals, I can tell you that there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into The DIY Club. It is an honor and a privilege to work with my fellow DIY Gals, collaborate with talented DIY Club Resident & Dare Bloggers, and be inspired by all of the amazing DIY Club Members who link up every month at The DIY Club Project Party Monthly Contest.

With this special of a celebration, 1 party is NOT enough! We have 4 fun and creative linky parties lined up so that everyone can get linked up to one or more. I truly hope you can join us at all 4 parties from April 16-30...
Here at WhisperWood Cottage, we are hosting the Chalk Talk linky! That means all things chalk and chalkboard related. I've seen some amazing chalkboard projects out there, so get ready to link your previously created projects or get some new chalkboard projects created!

One lucky Chalk Talk party participant will win a trio of DecoArt's AMAZING chalkboard paint, which I can't get enough of!! You'll get the awesome black (with which I've done several projects) and the new ocean blue and bubblegum pink, which I haven't even tried yet!!Get your decoupage, white, earthy, and chalkboard projects ready and we'll see you at all 4 parties starting April 16!

So, will you celebrate with us?

RSVP by leaving a comment below or on the event Facebook page. Some of my "besties" have already RSVP'd on Facebook. Thanks, Girls! Have any tips, techniques, or recommendations for DIY chalkboard projects? Add to the WWC Facebook discussion! Would love it if all of you would include the button on your sidebar as well! Please invite your friends on FB & Twitter. It is a party, after all! The more the merrier!! Big hugs, Whisperers!!


  1. Fun, fun, fun, Amy! I can't wait! Congrats on a year of DIY Club goodness!

  2. Oh!! So much fun and excitement this month!! I don't know if I can stand it. I will have to see what I can come up with.!!??....!!!
    Thanks for all the DIY goodness!

  3. sounds fun! i don't know if i can get my chalkboard project together by then (i have jury duty next week....UGH!), but i definitely have some burlap & twine projects.....and i haven't been to those other sites yet, can't wait to check them out!

  4. hiya i am visiting from make the world cuter and i am following too ,i have seen you r annicersary linky parties for april and i will come back to link up later , hope to see you at mine sometime and i am off for a wander around your blog now tfs

  5. I love all the chalkboard paint projects out there but haven't actually made one myself. I do want to give them a try.


  6. What is a room without a chalkboard?!!! Boring, right!! Sounds like a great party..Congrats on the anniversary!

  7. Sure! I would love to link up!! Consider this my RSVP!!

  8. I now feel inspired to finally complete my chalkboard project that's been sitting for, well, let's just say a really looong time. New follower, would love to see you over at


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