Thursday, April 21, 2011

Authentic Decor: Creating My Own Non-Cottagey Cottage Style

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Remember when I showed you some of the curves on The Sexy Beast? Before I show you all of the Beast, I thought I'd share some of the inspiration pieces that I've been loving.

Zuo Aristocrat Sofa Distinction Leather Sophia Sofa (multiple finishes)   64 

Sources: 1. Zuo Aristocrat Sofa, 2. Distinction Leather Sophia Sofa3. Leather Settee by Southern

YOU: "But, Amy, most of those pieces are sooo masculine and heavy! Don't you need white, slipcovered sofas and feminine details in a cottage?"

ME: "Um...Nope!"

YOU: "Are you sure? It just doesn't seem right."

ME: "Well, I'll tell ya. I've been struggling for a while with what my style actually is. I read lots of amazing blogs, and I love all of them. I'll see something of Kevin & Layla's and think...that's my style! Then I see something at Trina's and, that's my style. On any given day, I'll be visiting Sarah, Donna, Marian, Lani, Holly & Sean, or Brooke and think...okay, that is definitely my style! The thing is that each of these people has such a unique style, so how can I connect with each of them?

I've tried doing what they do. I've purchased Marian-style chairs, because Marian makes them look so beautiful. I've done rustic Donna-style projects, because she rocks the house when it comes to junk style. I've tried Lani's industrial approach, because her house is stunning. In all these cases, while the inspiration was amazing, the execution on my part was lacking. These styles aren't totally me...they belong to these fine blogging friends of mine, so they never quite felt like just the right "fit" here at WhisperWood Cottage. So, what's a blog-stalking, home DIYer to do?

Instead of doing exactly what they do, I've been studying what it is about each that inspires me and always keeps me coming back to their blogs. If you're interested, maybe I'll share with you what those things are in another post. With all that said, I've decided to create my own style. Without rules about what is right or wrong or what is cottage and what is not. My own version of cottage. My own version of elegance.  And in that version, large, masculine sofas with tufted leather and turned legs are the perfect fit!

ME: Remember yesterday when I wrote about creating your new self? Well, this is part of my own personal transformation. It involves being authentic, creating my own style, and being okay that I might break a few rules. Why? Feeling happy and authentic are part of who I want to be.

YOU: {leave a comment...}

*Disclosure (CMP.LY/3).


  1. I believe rules are made to be broken as "they" say (and who is "they" anyhow?) if it makes you happy and you're comfortable - go for it!

  2. Rules?!? There are rules? I must have missed that memo. :)

    Amy, thanks for the very kind words. I'd LOVE to hear what you love about all those very different styles myself! It's quite a mix!

    And I love your style just the way it is. Clean, unobstructed, upscale rock on vintage. :)


  3. i love this post and i totally agree about having your own style. my husband told me once that maybe i should consider being an interior designer, but i told him i couldn't because i had a moral problem with it.... i don't believe in designers so much because i think people shoudl surround themselves with things they love.

  4. I happen to love "amy's" style!I love that chair and I think that if you love it then roll with it baby! I did a post about this very same topic. I love to be different and that is what keeps us all reading each others blogs is to see what each one of us are doing because I feel we all something special we put in our own homes that makes us who we are:)

  5. Yes! I think I have a non-cottagy cottage style too :)

  6. I completely agree with you! I've always felt that if it feels "right" to you, then it is right...heck, you're the one who has to live in your home! If you love it, do it...that's my style...;)

  7. Congrats on being your own authentic and wonderfully unique self! I've had the same problem with defining what my style is. Like you I visit lots of blogs, often quite different in their styles and yet I love them all. Eclectic probably fits me lol but I think you are definately on the right track in doing what you love. It's you that has to live with it after all. Can't wait to see the beast uncovered in all it's glory. Have a wonderful Easter :)

  8. Exactly! Good for you for being authentic. I agree that there are so many wonderful ideas on those and other blogs. I too have been working on defining my style while gaining inspiration from wonderful blogs like yours. I guess that is one reason why my blog reading list is so diverse style-wise. I would also love to learn what you love about those individual styles.

  9. Whatever you decide to call your style, the word "clean" has got to be in the title. When I see your photos...that's the first thing I think. I don't mean as in dusted or swept, but in a clean, pure, refreshing way. It's yours and yours alone.
    P.S. I'm a rebel when it comes to rules. Just ask the blogger experts on what not to do and that's what I end up doing!

  10. I hear yah loud and clear. I think sometimes that with blogging now my own style has become all mixed up because I see so many incredible and inspiring places and things. What it has come down to for me is that I can and do really like and appreciate many things but I'm going to stick with my loves. If its not perfect, I can't live without it - it maybe isn't my individual style and best enjoyed when someone else has it.

  11. You do have your own style and I say embrace it!!! Looking forward to seeing this!

  12. My home is full of my style which is a mixture of everything me. Since I am a woman of many moods as is my home. I love it and thats what counts.
    Hope you have a Happy Easter.

  13. hmmm. love the leather. I guess I might have to copy you! Just kidding. I do know just what you mean about loving all those blogger's styles, but not being able to pull it off.

  14. I think you already have your own personal style and always least by what I've seen on your blog this past year. I mean who else has a huge greyhound on the wall of their bedroom? I think your style is totally masculine cottage retro modern. But I know how confusing it gets when you follow and admire other fantastic bloggers whose houses rock.

    I've never doubted my style till I started seeing so many other great things in blogland and then I start thinking...oh...I wish my place looked more like Whisperwood Cottage, Miss Mustardseed, etc... I think perhaps it is a good thing that I don't have the finances to buy new keeps me from straying from my own personal style. I have to stick with what I've got and enhance it rather than chuck it.

  15. Amen and Hooray!!! I think having your own authentic style is what we are all striving for.
    I enjoy all that you have listed...their styles are unique and fabulous as yours will be when you finish it up!! Looking forward to it for sure!!

  16. Love this post. It kind of mirrors a revelation I had last fall. I love the different styles too so my house is a mix. I think it's an eclectic vintage cottage style. It has everything thrown in except modern and kitschy. Maybe that's why I like your stuff so much. By the way, I have two leather chairs in my main living area...of course they are red though. We love them.

  17. Such a timely post as I try to sort through what I want for my house.. in fact i am pondering a " other blog holiday" while I do it so I don't mess with my own mind during the process.. I would hate to think it has to come to that but it mght be so.. I think I get visual overload at times... but still can't wait to see what you are doing!

    maddie, drooling over that purple velvet sofa!

  18. That's why I'm so greatfull for the word "Eclectic" because there are so many different styles that I love too! I think I finally narrowed my style down to "Industrial Chic" It's kind of masculine and feminine. So what I have going on is modern furniture, with clean lines, but I accessorize with raw, vintage-y, softer things. Then I get the best of both worlds! That's just me. I'm new to your blog but I think you have great style and talent. That's my 2 cents!

  19. p.s. This a comment to Cassie. I hope this comes out in a kind way. Interior Designers are there to help people who don't NATURALLY know how to find their own style or put it together. Most of my clients fit into that category. I don't feel like I'm telling them what to like, I'm helping them so they too can also surround themselves with the things they love! (That's the Reader Digest version)

  20. You being You! THAT'S what it's all about, Amy! Find what brings you joy - what makes your heart sing - and go with it! :) Have a blessed Easter!

    xoxo laurie

  21. Amy - you have amazing style and I would fly you to my house to spruce it up. My house it full of things I love and constantly evolving...but that is what I love (but I could still you some of your magic!)

  22. I've always loved your style. Gathering and mixing styles and things you love creates your own unique style. I have a brown leather sofa and love it. It fits in with just about anything.

  23. I love your style. You have a beautiful home and great projects. I'm a bit of a style mutt. I definitely don't fit into one certain category. The best part about decorating our own homes - just doing what we love. :)

    Have a Happy Easter, Amy.


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