Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Canvas Corp Goodies

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I received some goodies the other day in the mail from one of the newest DIY Club sponsors...Canvas Corp. Canvas Corp has an insanely cool range of DIY/craft products. They are doing a bit of work on their website right now, but I'll let you know when you can check out their products online. In the meantime, check out the Canvas Corp blog and Facebook page.


One of the things in my Canvas Corp packet was this fabulous Room Spacing Kit for the living room. Our living room definitely has challenges, so this will help me get it planned out better. Maybe I should get a Office/Studio Room Spacing Kit for the studio space I need to rearrange (AGAIN!) to accommodate "the sexy beast."

Also included were these canvas pillow shams. I have "some" ideas for these, but I'll be seeking out some creative inspiration from around blogland.

Some fun additions were these colored clothespins and jute rope. 

I've got a few ideas for each of these items, so I'll be figuring out some creative solutions over the next few weeks. The canvas pillow covers and jute rope are perfect materials for me to come up with a project for Roeshel's "Earthy Essentials" linky party coming up as part of The DIY Club 1 Year Anniversary Celebration, April 16-30. You're all invited, so get ready to boogie down!


  1. Wayyyy cool Canvas stuff !! I cannot wait
    until they get their website done ~
    Do you have any clue when it will be ~
    It will be fun to see what you do with the things that you got :)


  2. Oh, very cool! I can't wait to see what you do with it. And with the studio, too! I would love a chair in my studio, but it's crammed to the brim, so any ideas for fitting a chair in... well, I'm paying close attention! :-)


  3. That looks so neat. Can't wait to see what you come up with! :)

  4. Amy...this is cool stuff! I can't wait until their site is up and running!
    Thanks for introducing them to us. They should be a perfect sponsor for your design style!
    {with love}

  5. Oh.. cool stuff like that just makes my head spin!.. but must stay on track creating the new wine room for Doc... getting so close. Have fun. Can't wait to see what you do!


  6. Hey Amy, this is Jenn from Canvas Corp! So glad that you like your package of goodies! We can't wait to see what you create!
    We are looking forward to our new website and blog soon. Our blog right now is: http://blog.canvascorpcrafts.com and we are also on facebook!
    Have a great day!


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