Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Sexy Beast and the Moon...

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So, what did WWC Whisperers have to say about the reveal of The Sexy Beast?

elizabeth said...
Love it!!! A girl in leather...who knew?
Your sexy beast needs to meet mine! They have alot in common lol!
Oooo! Sexy beast indeed! That is gorgeous! I'd love to see more!
Wow, look at those sexy legs! She's wonderful. Is that a giant bobber? Can you tell I'm around a fisherman too much?
Tonya said...
Very pretty! Love her!!
A Vintage Vine said...
It is it!!! Very worth it! Now we want more....greedy aren't we!
That is not a beast. That's a sultress. Now I know why you couldn't resist. It has such pretty lines.
Finding Home said...
First, too funny. Second, I really thought it would be a "he" and I wasnt really sure what I thought about.. Now that I see it, LOVE IT! Too fun, can't wait to see what you do with it in the room.
Take care, Laura
Lori said...
She/he is a beauty. Looks way comfortable too.
Flick, said...
Love the sexy beast.. what a beautiful statement piece of furniture to work around! Got to love leather..
Oh, my gosh! I was wrong! It's not the King of Club chairs!
That is one GORGEOUS settee! I love it, Amy!

First of all, Elizabeth and Finding Home, yes, it is a girl. I originally thought of it as a "he," but as soon as I saw the photos, I just knew it had to be a "she." Only a lady can pull off those curves! 

And for Nita and Suzanne, I had fun updating The Sexy Beast to The Sexy Sultress of Settees based on your comments!

Anita asked, "Is that a giant bobber?" Hee hee. No, but it kind of looks like one! :) Let me give you a closer look...

It's a Rand McNally lunar globe, aka, the moon! I picked it up at Junk Bonanza last year from Jan Berg of Summerspell...a favorite vendor and friend! :)

So, now I'm on to possibly rearranging the space and considering a coffee table or even nesting tables. I've been window shopping online and will show you some possibilities in an upcoming post. I'd also like to paint the room but am waiting for the paint mojo to kick in. Maybe once the summer hits!

More of The Sexy Beast Sultress of Settees to come!

P.S. To The Robin & Sparrow: Per your comment above, it's a date!

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  1. Yes! Sexy Sultress of Settees. I can see how this is going to seriously affect the design of the rest of the room. I see a some changes coming.

  2. Oh-The sexy sultress is going to have her way with the dark side of Mr.Moon, isn't she? I can feel the changes in the air....xxoo Diana

  3. You are once again too funny. I feel like I should have a witty comeback, but I got nothing! Truly looking forward to what you do with it!

    Take care,

  4. That's a perfectly appropriate title!
    It's going to be fun seeing the changes she brings about.

  5. Where oh where did you find the sexy sultress? cause i want one!!

  6. Omg, what a cool bobber, I mean globe! I've never seen that before. Looking forward to seeing the table you have in mind.


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