Saturday, April 2, 2011

Style S.O.S.: On a Pillow Hunt...Need Your Help!

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Okay, ladies! I need your help. I picked up these pillows at TJMaxx a couple weeks ago, and I'd really like some more! The TJMaxx here in town does not have anymore, and I've searched online to no avail. So, I'm sending out an S.O.S. emergency call for you to scour your local TJMaxx or HomeGoods for me.

Here's what to look for:

BRAND: Ralph Lauren
PATTERN: Hampton 
COLOR: Olive
SIZE: Any size (square, bolster, or other) would be welcome. 
QUANTITY: I'd like 2 more square pillows and 3 more bolsters.
COST: $16.99 each

If you find them in your area, will you let me know? I would gladly reimburse you for the cost of the pillows and shipping. I'll keep this post updated with the pillow search progress.


  1. If I only lived closer to a TJ Maxx I would love to help you. Good luck!

  2. TJ maxx/Homegoods right down the street. Going there tonight, defintly will look into it.. :0)

  3. I've been having a "Maxx Attack"....will check it out!

  4. I'll be going to several TJs and Home goods this week. Always like to have something to hunt for!

  5. Ohhhhhh I did see those!.. but it was at my Homegoods ( our are seperate stores).. I have to go out tomorrow .. I will look!!!

    Maddie, in Chattanooga

  6. Have you guys by any chance seen the square pillow in taupe?? the bigger square pillow thats $24.99 going crazy looking for it! please let me know...thank you


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