Thursday, May 19, 2011

Camera Play Time: Capturing the Simple Beauty of Ordinary Things

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Do you ever just play with your camera?

Taking photos of found objects?

From different distances and angles?

Using the existing natural light?

Maybe even adjusting your camera settings, if you feel brave?

These photos were all taken at Gold Rush Days in Rochester, MN, last year. Paint brushes in a wooden tote sitting atop a stack of rusty vintage trash cans...a simple display and an instant source of photography inspiration. The textures, colors, and lighting were fun to work with and beautiful in their own way.

Perfect? Nope. Fun? Yup.

Have you had fun capturing anything interesting and/or beautiful to you with your camera lately?


  1. Makes me think of "Take time to smell the roses", you know? Take time to capture everyday things, see them in a new light. Just enjoy being creative for the sake of being creative! Things are crazy busy around our home just now, but this is definitely on my hope-to-do-soon list! Thanks for sharing this with us, Amy! I enjoyed it!

  2. I love capturing the light and textures within still life either in my home or outside. Fun times!! Then playing with the images with my computer is fun too
    Love the paint brushes

  3. My camera and I have had several play dates. I think it helps my pictures the more I shoot. I think these turned out great!

  4. I love the simple things in life. I would frame these … in a rustic wood of course! Beautiful.


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