Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Activities

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It's been an interesting Memorial Day Weekend so far! My parents were here yesterday for a great visit. Today, Ron and I spent the day together. We rode the Timber Twister Alpine Coaster for the first time. A must-do if you are ever in the Duluth, MN, area. Check out the youtube video above to get an idea of what it is.

We also checked out SUPs or Stand Up Paddleboards at Ski Hut in Duluth. I love this one from Surftech...

10-6 Universal deck10-6 Universal rail10-6 Universal bottom

I admit I have a special spot in my heart for anything that reminds me of our trip to Hawaii a few years back. I'd love to have an SUP to just paddle around the many inland lakes here in Minnesota. Peaceful outdoor activity on the water. Summers are the best here!

Sitting here with many fond memories of Hawaii, I look out the patio door to my sad deck area. Overcast and calling for rain, the furniture and accessories that we can keep there are minimal. I wish we had a covered area so that we could have outdoor sofas like the ones at the hotel in Hawaii. They were similar to these...

Home Styles Riviera Five Seat L Shape Sectional Sofa with Stone Fabric

Can't you just see this set with brightly colored and patterned pillows? I can, too! How about paired with some outdoor lighting like these sconces?...

Pangaea Iron Table Lantern

I'm sure I would want a mix of the table lantern and the deck mount versions. Perfect for outdoor entertaining!

One of these days, I'll take a photo of what we actually have outside. The only photos I have of the back deck are the metal screen I stenciled last year,...

Well, I hear the thunder getting closer, which means the chance of lightning is on its way. Time to unplug!

Remembering on Memorial Day...
To our past, present, and future veterans, we are grateful to you for protecting the freedoms with which we live. Thank you so much.


  1. Love the furniture and the metal screen on your deck! Very cool!!

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  3. My mis-post before-ugh~
    My daughter-in-law grew up on the TimberTwister-and we took the trek to see it up close and personal a couple of years ago.

    Love your porch things! xxoo Diana

  4. The best way I know to unplug is to uncork.
    Watch out Ron...she's got that look in her eye. I smell a deck project coming up!

  5. My granny lives in Grand Rapids and I visit every year. Might have to make a detour to Duluth. Love the croquet set!

  6. Wow! I went back and read the older posts mentioned and seeing all of the ideas together has me wanting to be outside, even tho' it's like 100 degrees today! That pie safe with the dishes in it is such a charmer and what a clever idea! I have a large wood pie safe but have never seen a small one like that - too cute! The coaster ride looked fun as well. Sounds like you had a great weekend - good for you! Take care, Leena

  7. I love your deck area. That screen is amazing!

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