Friday, May 13, 2011

Style Poll Results & A New Plan for the Studio

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Thanks for your input on the Style Poll: Which Set of Tables Would You Choose post! In considering possible coffee tables and nesting tables to accompany The Sexy Beast in the studio. I had found these 3 sets of nesting tables. Each would give the space a completely different look and feel.

Wholesale Interiors Baxton Studio Acrylic Nesting Table Set of 3 Selamat Designs Rattan Nesting Tables Butler Specialty Nesting Tables in Metalworks
Sources: 1. Wholesale Interiors Baxton Studio Acrylic Nesting Table Set of 3, 2.Selamat Designs Rattan Nesting Tables, 3. Butler Specialty Nesting Tables in Metalworks

Almost 60% of the the 65 people who voted thought that the metal tables with the warm patina and antiqued mirror shelves would be best. I love the finishes and think these would look great in the room. The shape is more traditional, which relates well to the traditional lines of the settee.

For the other nesting tables, 15% voted for the acrylic nesting tables because they won't take up any visual space in the room and would add an unexpected contemporary edge. Another 12% of you thought that the earthy, natural feel of the rattan tables would add a British Colonial feel of the space. I could see either of these nesting table sets working well in the room, too.

A few of you also thought that no table would be best. For the small size of the room, I am inclined to agree with you. Another two of you thought that any of the nesting tables would work. I am inclined to agree with you on that as well.

So, what is the conclusion? Well, remember how I wasn't 100% happy with the room? Since I am really working toward creating a home that features my authentic style and rooms that "feel right" to me, I've decided to start over. It just seems like the right thing to do. I've actually cleared everything out and have a new plan in place. It will be a simplified but eclectic mix of things I already have...pulled from all around the house and the shed. The only thing new will be the paint! :) Maybe then I can come back and revisit the idea of a coffee table or nesting tables.


  1. A blank slate means endless possibilities. I am a coffee table fan. But have ad nesting tables too. Hugs.
    P.S. I have your lovely blog on my cottages page at Katherines Corner :-)

  2. Oh the choices, too hard to make! I am a coffee table fan too, I'll be back to see what you did! I just found your blog and it's wonderful!


  3. Good luck in starting with a blank slate. Am looking forward to seeing what direction you take!


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