Thursday, May 5, 2011

Style Poll: Which Set of Tables Would You Choose?

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Well, with The Sexy Beast now in studio, I was think that some sort of table or footstool might be in order. You can see that I tried out the vintage metal footstool to get an idea. Hmmm. I'm thinking I could do better.

I was looking at coffee table sets but think that nesting tables might be better for the scale of the room. Staying true to my eclectic tastes, I found these 3 sets of nesting tables. Each would give the space a completely different look and feel.

Wholesale Interiors Baxton Studio Acrylic Nesting Table Set of 3 Selamat Designs Rattan Nesting Tables Butler Specialty Nesting Tables in Metalworks
Sources: 1. Wholesale Interiors Baxton Studio Acrylic Nesting Table Set of 3, 2.Selamat Designs Rattan Nesting Tables, 3. Butler Specialty Nesting Tables in Metalworks

How can I like three such different styles?
  • I like the acrylic nesting tables because they won't take up an visual space in the room, and they would add a contemporary, edgy feel to the space. 
  • The rattan tables have a more earthy, natural feel that would make the space feel a bit more casual. They color ties in with the accessories in the room. Kind of a British Colonial feel.
  • The metal tables have a warm patina and antiqued mirror shelves. The shape is more traditional, which relates well to the traditional lines of the settee.
So, really, any of these would work depending on the style and feeling I would want to create. Do you have an opinion? Which would you choose?

Which nesting tables do you recommend?
Acrylic nesting tables
Rattan nesting tables
Metal and mirror nesting tables
Any of the three would be great
No table would be best free polls


  1. I can see why you asked for everyone's opinion! This is a hard one! Have you considered a metal, vintage outdoor furniture style? I wonder how something reminiscent of your chandelier in a slightly darker finish would work? Love the way the room has come together.

  2. I'm almost thinking of something very industrial. Beat up wood with well-loved metal...maybe on wheels? An old trolley cart or lumber lift? Love the idea of mixing textures and materials that you have going on here! Brilliant.


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