Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Using What You Have, Having What You Love

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Instead of the usual desk or computer armoire in the 3rd studio makeover, I pulled in this great vintage table from the living room where it had been used as a sofa table. This table was found on the 3rd floor (yes, 3rd floor!) of a mansion in Duluth, MN. Besides it's mahogany finish and its aged-to-perfection patina, this table is especially unique. It folds up! The legs on each end fold into the table top, then the whole thing folds in half. Then you clip it and carry it like a suitcase. An awkwardly sized and heavy suitcase, but you get the picture!

Teamed up with my pair of discounted PB chairs (found at Tuesday Mornings) and pair of coral lamps (found at TJ Maxx), the new workspace features the vintage train station chalkboard from Fessenden, ND. The chalkboard had a previous home in the dining room above the beach cottage cabinet.

What I love about the pieces in this room is that they came from all over the house and garage to create a whole new look in this space...using things I already had! (Well, except for The Sexy Beast that inspired it all!) When you keep only things that you love, you really can mix them together in any room to make a space that reflects your authentic style.

More photos to come!


  1. The Shore Station closeups are great, so real.

    Loved the way you pulled a new workspace together from 'all over' the house. The table is certainly unique.


    - Joy

  2. I love the old table and the white chairs! Those old style desk chairs are my favorite!
    Susan @ homeroad

  3. I love your style but this especially appeals to me because Im always working on a limited budget and I like to repurpose things and use vintage because Im a fan and also to be more eco friendly.

    That is such a cool table, love that it folds up too. Hopefully some day soon I will get to carve out a little creative office space for myself. Until then I will live through you in your fabulous spaces.

    Lucky 7 Design

  4. It looks terrific!! Love those chairs! And a wood table that folds...???...wowzers! What a cool find!

  5. Well, that is just cool! I love it! I love the table, love the chalkboard, love the chairs~you hit a home run, Amy!

  6. What a great mantra that post title is.
    I love what you have one here.

  7. I love how it looks. I was eyeing those lamps at TJ Maxx. I don't really have a spot for them but they are gorgeous.


  8. I know those lamps!!!.. I don't have a beachy bit in my house so could never get them but sure thought they were great!


  9. Very beautiful, Amy. I love to go shopping in my basement to find new old stuff. (Husband likes it too!) You've pulled together that little makeover quite nicely.


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