Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vintage Pieces Collected Over Time

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While the overall feel and look of this room still leaves much to be desired, the scaffold plank shelf gives me the opportunity to talk about some of my flea market finds! It's the eclectic mix of "this and that" collected over time that makes expressing your style so much fun!

CLOCK: 24-hour Zulu clock from Kelly Air Force Base, Texas. Found at Junk Bonanza 2009.
MUSIC ROLL: Found at Hunt & Gather.

VINTAGE MEDICAL CABINETS: Found in friend's mother's basement.
SCAFFOLD PLANK: Found at an auction in MN.

WIRE CADDY: Found at the garage sale of Sue Whitney of JunkMarket Style. Photos here, here, here.
GOLF SIGN: Found at antique store in WI.
CLIPBOARDS: Large one in the back found at Goodwill. The others? Not sure!

DEER FORM: Found at an auction in Superior, WI.
WOODEN DUMBBELLS: Found at a shop in WI.
STERILIZER: Currently storing stationery and stamps. Found at Grand Rapids Flea Market, MN.
MOON GLOBE: Found at Junk Bonanza 2010.

TOLE CHANDELIER: From vendor Jan Berg of Summerspell.
OFFICE & STORE SIGN: Found at A Gathering of Friends.

VINTAGE SEWING MACHINE: Passed down to me from my mother.
BULMAN PAPER CUTTER: A gift from the in-laws.
FOOTSTOOL (below): Found at an estate sale.

Well, that's the low-down on all the vintage items! In fact the only new objects in the photos above are The Sexy Beast and the two canvas pillow covers from Canvas Corp. The best part is that each object has a memory...of a moment with friends, a moment of sheer joy, a moment of discovery. I think that's one of the reasons I like vintage items so much. It's as much about the search and discovery as it is about the quality and uniqueness of each piece.

Well, I'm still trying to figure out how to make this space work better for me. As I stated yesterday, I'm still not happy with it. I'm thinking it's the wall color and flooring that are the biggest issues. Not sure if I have any options on the flooring at this point. But, paint? Hmmm. Off to find my Purdy paint brush!


  1. I love it! However I loved it before too. Your have a great merchandising skill. How lucky to find those cabinets in a basement. That is definately one sexy beast!

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

    Lucky 7 Design

  2. It's all great stuff but what's amazing is how you put it together! Jealous!

  3. I love great finds! you have a good eye for treasures! my favorite are the medicine cabinets!! I passed one up a few months ago & really WISH I didn't! oh well, someone is enjoying it right? :( xoxo's Nancy

  4. You have some great treasures there. I love that they all tell a story on their own together they make a book.. looking forward to seeing what your decision is about the paint and flooring. hugs ~lynne~

  5. Amy, I can not tell you how many times i stepped up on a stool just like that one you have. I used it at Burlington Industries when I was a knitter. That brought back memories. I think the room looks great! I know you will have it looking even more amazing when you get done tweaking.I LOVE it!

  6. LOVE it! Adds such character and charm:-)

  7. Amy- It looks great- I see you have found several things in WI and Superior! What a treasure trove you have there! xxoo Diana

  8. I love the changes you've made to what was already a great redo! You know, many a woman has had her head turned by a "sexy beast" but we all know that the woman still has her wits about her, no matter what! =:) Looking forward to seeing what else you decide to do! ~Leena~

  9. What wonderful vintage items!! I am hard pressed to pick out my favorite. They are all so cool. I love that wire is perfection!!

  10. You have some great pieces! I love that hanger/basket, and the music roll, but those wooden dumb bells really are what catches my eye. What does the label on them say?

  11. Love all of your vintage finds!! Especially love that music roll!! Your studio looks awesome!!

  12. I love your vintage finds. You have collected some amazing pieces.


  13. (You already know that) I love ALL your finds and treasures; but those cabinets are to DIE FOR!

    You have such an incredible eye - this room looks fabulous!


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