Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What I did with 1 Scaffold Plank & 2 Cork Tiles...and Inspiration from The Lettered Cottage...

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Y'all had some great ideas about what you and/or I might do with these $1 scaffold planks I found at an auction. And y'all saw the reveal of The Sexy Beast, right? 

Well, I wasn't sure about the placement of the pair of vintage medical cabinets with The Sexy Beast now in the mix, so I started moving things around. After several days and a kazillion different arrangements, I decided to try the one below for a while...

That's where the auction-found scaffold plank and garage sale cork tiles came into play. Why waste all that vertical space, right? Are you pickin' up what I'm puttin' down? (Ron says that all the time! Makes me laugh every time!)

I started by placing a cork tile atop each of the cabinets. Then Ron helped me extend the scaffold plank to the match the distance between the two outer edges of the cabinets. 

After he helped me put it in place, I had fun accessorizing it! So, what'cha think of my paint-encrusted scaffold idea, Funky Junk Donna? More on the accessories later!

This post is more about the transformation of the space...without paint, flooring, or any major changes...just furniture and accessories. It's amazing the difference you can make with just moving stuff around. Here's what I mean...

This is a photo from BEFORE the recent studio makeover.

AFTER 1...
 What it looked like after the studio makeover (no paint or major changes).

AFTER 2...
 Incorporating The Sexy Beast into the mix...

No, I didn't paint...it's just the lighting and inability to work my camera properly. NOW, I haven't painted or anything during any part of this "makeover." I do plan to paint at some point, but I will wait until I "know" or "feel" exactly what I want to do.

I have to be honest. I'm really not happy with this room at all. It's had that "okay" factor throughout all the things I've done but has never had that "just right" factor that I feel when I walk into my master bedroom. I'd love to capture the feeling of Kevin & Layla's (The Lettered Cottage) reading room...

I don't want to copy what they've done, necessarily, I just want to capture the feeling that they've created. I would describe the feeling of this room as "fresh." The brown and white with pops of color...love! The planked wall using old gymnasium flooring...genius! I've considered breaking into a local gym, just so I can pull up some flooring. They wouldn't miss a small patch out the corner, would they? Thanks for the inspiration, Kevin & Layla! Looks like I have some work to do to get the room and my photos up to the caliber of The Lettered Cottage. Where's my paint can? And my crow bar?


  1. You have fun pieces to work with. I like how the green pops with the leather and the unexpected accessories. Hope you find the "just right" layout. Looks great on my end :)

  2. Looks amazing! I would have never have thought to put the wood on top of the cabinets and use them as shelves. Wonderful!

  3. That back wall would be fabulous planked up! Good call. :) Just do it!

    Yeah, you got my number with the shelf. I'd probably lean it against the wall and mount a tall mirror on it. It's fabulous and would work in my bedroom perfectly. Care to send it on over when you're done with it? :)

    Love the new redo Amy! But I hear ya. You will know when it's right. Keep at it! It'll come.


  4. It looks great!! And I always say "are you picking up what I'm putting down" lol! One of my favorite sayings! :)

  5. Woot!! Props!! Snaps!! And all that jazz!! Ha!
    Lookin' good!

  6. I didn't see that coming but that is great! When I saw the first picture of the green cabinets in the corner, I was hoping some day you would try them on either side of the sofa. I like that much better. Super cool space!

  7. amy, that looks fabulous! i love the nook you've created!

  8. I was thinking some kind of table! I love it as a shelf!

    Keep tweaking~you get what you want. Plus we get to see all the changes!

  9. I LOVE what you did with it! So clever! I wouldn't have thought to do it but it looks great.

  10. I think you've done a wonderful job. As for breaking into the gym...um....that's a whole lotta work. How about some boards off very weathered pallets to cover that wall? If the color isn't dark enough, a little watered down stain could warm it up.

    Love what you've done and can't wait to see what else your crowbar brings.


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