Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Window Shopping for Kitchen Island Inspiration

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You might have seen the kitchen here at WWC before. If you haven't, check out the BEFORE kitchen photos and the AFTER kitchen photos to see how this crazy space used to look.

Some time soon, I hope to be able to replace the flooring in the kitchen, laundry room, and master bath. When we get to that, I was thinking about upgrading the kitchen island to something a little more interesting. For inspiration, I've been looking at kitchen carts and work tables online. My favorites include these four pieces:

 John Boos American Heritage Rustica Butcher Block Table in Cherry
John Boos American Heritage Classic Country Work Table (60x30) John Boos Flat Top Wood Baker's Production Table with Steel Base
Sources: Table 1 (top left): John Boos Rouge et Noir Le Rustica Butcher Block Table in Black; Table 2 (top right): John Boos American Heritage Rustica Butcher Block Table in Cherry; Table 3 (bottom left): John Boos American Heritage Classic Country Work Table (60x30); Table 4 (bottom right): John Boos Flat Top Wood Baker's Production Table with Steel Base

As you can see, I was drawn to butcher block tops. I've always admired how they bring warmth to a white kitchen. I like the traditional turned legs and the drawers of the first two (the same table in different colors), but I like the scale and shelf of the third and the industrial base of the third. If I could get table 4 (the metal base) in a similar scale as table 3, add some drawers like tables 1 & 2, add a shelf like table 3, and extend the butcher block top out so that stools could be seated all around, I would be in kitchen island heaven! It's a DIY project just waiting to happen! :)


  1. ohhh this sounds like fun...I adore a butcher block counters too...next time I have the opportunity to redo a kitchen - they are in! I vote for #4 with the industrial bottom as you could always add a shelf on those legs & have baskets instead of drawers - ohhh the possibilities!

  2. I love them all...Im always an over the top kinda girl. I have to go with the big boy #4! You could slide those fabulous metals stools underneath or use some reclaimed wood for shelving. I cant wait to see what you choose!

    Lucky 7 Design

  3. All beautiful my favorite is the black with the butcher block top.

  4. The islands are all wonderful. I love the turned legs and drawers also. Hugs, Marty

  5. I like them all and with all that combining you want to do I think I see a custom built island in your future! Hugs-Diana

  6. I love the black one with the butcher block top! Beautiful!

  7. If anyone can make it happen...it's my favorite person in a tool belt...YOU!

  8. hey check this out...http://organizingmadefun.blogspot.com/2011/05/my-new-outdoor-buffet-table.html

    you could perhaps do something similar & add a top that would overhang for seating!

  9. I love islands. Our kitchen is too small for one. It I could have one I would want a lot of storage, work space and a prep sink. It's a good thing dreams are free because I spend plenty of time on them. LOL



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