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AUTHENTIC STYLE SERIES & LINKY PARTY: Featuring Donna at Funky Junk Interiors

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What is the Authentic Style Series?

It's the opportunity to...
  • Meet featured bloggers who have an authentic and unique style.
  • Learn how those inspiring bloggers describe their own style.
  • Reflect on how they inspire the style at WhisperWood Cottage.
  • Share your own authentic spin on the featured blogger's style by linking up.

Today's Authentic Style featured blogger is:

Thanks for having me over your way today, Amy! I've long admired your own style so it's an honor that my look appeals to you. :)

How I'd describe my style really can't be put even in one sentence. Funky Farmhouse? Rustically Rusty? How about Sanford & Son in their Sunday Best? No idea. I struggle with a title for what my look represents. So here's how I achieve my look.

I love the look of something used for many many years. It's earth friendly and speaks comfort to me. I grew up in an old farm house that wasn't fussy or fancy so that feeling of home has simply carried through to my own.

Nature's elements
Metal, wood, stone, brick, twigs, plants, you get the idea. I love the look of something nature made as opposed to man made. While hard elements can cool off a room pretty quick, warming it with just the right enhancements (fake plants are my best friend) does the trick.

I can only make one thing one time. After that, my eyes glaze over. I have to challenge myself constantly with something new or the task simply turns from creative to mundane.  I come up with my ideas by simply dreaming it. Once the image is in focus, that hammer or paintbrush is in my hand within seconds!

I enjoy the beauty of an object in it's natural authentic state. I  do love crafted objects, however I personally gravitate towards the clean, uninterrupted and less frilly.

I also prefer to find authentic antiques, but I've been known to make something new look old on occasion if I can't find what I'm after, can't afford it or it isn't feasible, such as the stairs above.

Clean lines
I'm not a frilly person. One exception would be my bedroom. But you won't see a lot of ruffles, lace or curvy carved woods in my home. I love the bold statement simple lines make. Examples would be a ladder or the frames of a simple sawhorse end. I think they are gorgeous. :)

I prefer to find things for free or next to nothing because it enforces creativity. Nothing ticks my clock more than creating a one of a kind desk from a pile of pallet wood as opposed to painting up a ready made one.

Funky Junk Interiors

Amy's Reflection on Donna's Style

I am a long-time admirer of Donna, her never-ending talents, and her totally unique style. The elements of Donna's style...rustic, nature's elements, unique, authentic (found objects & antiques), clean lines, creative (thrifty)...are things each of us have probably incorporated into our home in one way or another. The only difference is that we do them in our own unique way. Here's how I've used Donna's elements in my own home...

I have a great appreciate for patina and aged elements. While my rustic pieces often involve vintage metal pieces, Donna's version of rustic usually involves wood aged to perfection by weather, use, and other kinds of wear. I think Donna would be a great fan of this use of a rustic wooden ladder and metal hanging baskets.

Vertical Storage with Vintage Wire Baskets & an Antique Ladder

Nature's Elements...
I've used seashells, plants (faux, real, and even metal), bees'/hornets' nests, and birds' nests in my decor. Here's one featuring a set of birds' nests on a vintage bunsen burner stand. I have a love/hate relationship with plants...faux vs. real. Live plants least to begin with, but faux have a much better chance at survival at WWC. Donna has taught be that faux can be fab!

Whimsical Spring Display: Birds' Nests, Eggs & Bunsen Burner Stand

I definitely like to use things in unique ways. My favorite muses are often vintage signs. I love to use them as artwork and put them in unexpected places. The greyhound sign below is my favorite and has become a bit of mascot of WhisperWood Cottage. One of the things I admire most about Donna is her insane ability to make the coolest things using typography. I am completely inspired by her staircase!

Authentic (found objects & antiques)...
Finding authentic vintage and antique pieces is a favorite pastime of mine. Being able to preserve these bits of history by incorporating them into the design of my home is rewarding. The barn style door was rescued from a university renovation in Nebraska, the barn track and trolley was salvaged from the demolition of an 1800s barn in Wisconsin, the pillar come from an estate in Minnesota, the door stops are  large metal shipping/fishing floats. These pieces have stories that long to be told...and I love telling them!

Master Bedroom Makeover: Barn-Style Door #2

Clean Lines...
Like Donna, frilly is not often on my style agenda; however, I love a blend of clean lines and curvaceous objects. In the master bedroom, the clean lines of the bed, pillar, rug, and horizontal planks on the walls are balanced by the curves of the chair, lamps, and sign.

Making History in the Master Bedroom

Creativity (thriftiness)...
Who doesn't like thrifty finds? Donna has the amazing ability to take free or inexpensive finds and do spectacular things with them. I love simple finds like the $1 garage sale tray that folds up for storage. It's simple but fun finds like this that make garage sales, auctions, flea markets, thrift stores, and the occasional dumpster the source of my next inspired design.

$1 Garage Sale Tray

Do you see elements of YOUR authentic style
in the elements of Donna's style?

Do you have elements of Donna's style...rustic, nature's elements, unique, authentic (found objects & antiques), clean lines, creative (thriftiness)...incorporated into your home? If so, show us by linking up below! 

Link up as many posts as you like that correspond with Donna's style elements of rustic, nature's elements, unique, authentic (found objects & antiques), clean lines, creative (thrifty).

If you link up, please include the Authentic Style button in your post or on your sidebar!


Nature's Elements...


Authentic (found objects & antiques)...

Clean Lines...

Creativity (thriftiness)...


  1. Amy I love your style and Donnas style! Your style is a little more streamline and Donna is more Rustic! But both are very appealing!

  2. Donna is a shining example of authentic style!

  3. Love this fun series Amy and love Donna's "authenic style". Between your pictures and hers...this post is bursting with some of my favorite decorating inspiration!!! Chat soon, Laurel

  4. hi Amy, your home is gorgeous. i love your barn style door.

  5. I love Donna's style! And I love yours too! And I can see the similarities yet you both are truly unique and quite easy to recognize (now that would be a nice contest).

  6. Thank you for the opportunity to link up (although I don't think I did it right because so far my link isn't appearing!)

    I've always loved your style and eye for finds!

  7. Who doesn't LOVE Donna's style? She is one-of-a-kind!

  8. Thanks so much for having me over Amy! Your writeup was just wonderful! And YOUR style is something that is also a highly sought after love of mine. You simply rock. :)


  9. You and Donna both have great styles. My home is a bit different but I love finding ways I can incorporate that same kind of creativity with it.

  10. Thanks a bunch for hosting. Love both your styles -- too bad we can only have one!!!

  11. Oh I adore Donna. She truly is unique.

    If you get a chance, please stop by and enter the giveaway I am hosting on my blog.

    Happy Monday!

  12. Love her style. It's amazing, much like your is!! You both find the best things for your homes. I'm not sure where to begin finding those kinds if treasures.

  13. Amy - just linked up the first of three posts(under authentic - antique chest with bird elements) that I'm doing based on your authentic style series - great idea - thanks for sponsoring this!
    amy of four corners design


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