Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Memories: Remembering and Creating

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As the season of grills and bbq's, lawn mowing, and water sports steals upon us, the weather has finally reached summer status here in the north. While I know my friends in southerly parts of the country have been living in warm temps the past few months and are probably enduring sweltering heat about this time, we were pretty happy to break 80 degrees this past weekend. We've finally traded in power outages due to snowstorms for power outages due to thunderstorms.

With all that summer brings, it also brings me such fond memories of summers gone by. As a young child, it was games of tag, hours of swimming, and berry-stained feet. As a teen, it was never-ending basketball in the driveway, softball leagues, and cruising around the Madison capitol with my high school friends. As a young adult, it was summer jobs, volleyball tournaments, and cookouts with college roommates. Now, it involves building in time for travel, time at the lake with Ron and Tanner, and looking forward to the annual family get-together at the cabin. My, how time changes.

This whole line of thinking was inspired by an email I received from Barb at Barb & Dell Designs. When I posted the other day about using my vintage Shore Station Hoist as wall art and showing close-ups of the Shore Station, she said that she also had one she was going to put in her garden. Barb's Shore Station is exactly like mine...with some extra patina! It looks fabulous in her garden

These cast-off Shore Station hoists are simple reminders of fond summer memories at the lake with my grandparents. The ski boat was yellow and white. I loved spinning the hoist to lift the boat out of the water. I loved watching my dad and other relatives water ski...especially the slalom. 

I remember the first time learning how to ski...
  • how many times I was pulled under, 
  • how much water went up my nose, 
  • the glorious feeling of finally getting up, 
  • the excitement of going out over the wake, 
  • the terror of coming back in over the wake, 
  • the OMG of picking up speed when the boat turned, 
  • the whap of falling, 
  • and the triumph of pulling up close to the dock and letting go of the rope for a smooth landing. 
It could have been yesterday. How lucky I am to have such fond and cherished memories...they are truly a gift from the Creator. In recognizing this, my goal for this and future summers is to go out and create more wonderful memories that I can hold with me for a lifetime.

Do you have past summer memories that feel like yesterday? Do you have plans to create your own this summer? If not, why not?


  1. Ohhhh you have brought a smile to my face just thinking about sweet summer time memories ~
    Every summer we would get in our camper and travel to a different part of the United States ~ It was so fun to be able to visit so many different places ~
    Such Precious times and memories!


  2. Oh yeah! Love those memories. My own memories were formed on a farm..where we made mud pies when we were little and rode our bikes to endless "secret" places...where we rode the hay wagon back to the barn...and watched new kittens crawl out of the hay mows. Where I stepped on a big black snake with my bare foot and how we (OMG) used to climb the face of a 60' waterfall..and went swimming in an ice cold "drop" about 1/2 mile down from the Falls...It was a wonderful childhood. xo Diana

  3. funny, i was thinking about hula hoops yesterday and then took a walk down memory lane though an online book called, wham-o super book. i remember my summers as a youth being filled with many of the wham-o toys that were available...frisbee, tiddly winks, silly string along with another popular toy, my pogo stick. i could outbounce anyone. i don't remember my record bounces in a row, but it was probably close to 100 times. i still have my pogo stick...wonder what i could repurpose it as??
    i do love your recall of water-skiing although i didn't learn until i was in my twenties;it was a glorious feeling of finally getting up! we had a ski boat until a few years ago, so our kids had the pleasure of learning to ski, tube and wakeboard.
    i so love being near water, whether is be sunning, boating, walking, etc. so we always make sure we take in little jaunts near lakes or oceans during the summers.
    thanks for the nostalgia,

  4. Amy, thanks for featuring my Shore Station and garden! What fun memories you have. That got me to thinking about my memories of growing up. I spent a lot of time playing with my cousins on their farm, going swimming, taking family vacations to the western US. When I was in my late teens or early twenties I had a friend whose father ran a resort near Braiderd, MN and we went there most every weekend and that's when I learned to water ski. I haven't done it for years now but what fun it was. I still love being near the water. Here's to making lots more summer memories.

  5. Loved summer skiing on the lake with cute boys driving the boat. Summer family picnic with about 40 cousins. Hot days at the beach, babysitting.Good memories.

  6. I have a bookcase like yours, but I have dishes in mine. :)

  7. We flip flop from sunny and 80's to rainy. Unfortunately the rain always lasts for days. I love the fun of summer time and carefree days.



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