Thursday, July 7, 2011

Design Ideas from Irish Castles, Homes, Hotels, & Storefronts

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Did any of you guess that my trip was to Ireland? While I was there, I was thinking of you and captured some great spaces that sparked some design ideas. The room above is the dining room in Bunratty Castle. How about that striped floor? What about the detailed ceiling? Or the mixed seating? Not to mention the massive fireplace and the portrait placement? And the detailing on the walls and trim? While I wouldn't copy the style exactly, there are certainly snippets of it that can inspire something in my own home.

How about detailing around the windows above? Those side panels fold out and become shutters that cover the window. Love the soft yellow of the woodwork!

Totally loving this checkerboard flooring and the black door accented with brass fixtures!

Here is small checkerboard flooring mixed with wood flooring and white wainscoting. Fabulous!

How about this charming door with the knob in the center?

A pair of leather chairs in neutral tones...

...and with great details.

Or how about these vibrantly painted chairs to charge your senses?

Did you find anything that might inspire your own authentic style? Do tell!

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  1. I can't believe you were in Ireland, you could have called in with me for a cup of tea and a chat about our favourite blogs! I actually have the black/white floor in my hall, its quite a feature of Georgian houses.


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