Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dual Milbradt Library Ladders in the Guest Bedroom

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While we're on the subject of the guest bedroom, I have another new addition to tell you about! This Milbradt Patent library ladder, obviously used as someone's paint ladder (shock!) came home with me from an auction a few months ago. A local antique store was closing and had an auction to clear out tons of stuff.

It fits here between the window and cabinet. And it balances the other antique Milbradt ladder on the other side of the window. However, the new addition is missing the top and bottom hardware. It is loved all the same! :)

Eventually, I'd like to build some library type shelving and put these bad boys to work. Until then, they have the been assigned the task of adding vertical interest and warmth to the guest room! :)


  1. Lucky! I don't even have one and you have two? And I used to be a librarian!

  2. Your ladders are fantastic and I am drooling over your Greyhound. THAT is phenomenal!
    Where did you find that gem?

    Love it!

  3. Those are very very cool!!

  4. That's a super cool ladder. I found one about the same size too a while back. Pretty room! Have a great weekend, T

  5. I love your blog and all your decorating ideas. My brother and sister-in-law have adopted a few greyhounds, I know they would love what you did with the room!


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