Monday, July 11, 2011

Finding Balance: Reflections on the Sea & the Self

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It is so easy to have a love affair with the beauty that is Ireland. The cool breeze on my face, the gritty sand between my toes, the chill of the Atlantic surf breaking across my feet.

The prints of the many visitors before me seeking their own intrinsic connection with nature. Memories of whom will soon to be washed away by the rising tide.

In constant motion, the sea and the self. Each day a constant balance of making memories and washing away the past. The balance of holding on and letting go. Determining what is worth keeping and what needs to be released to the past for good.

A constant journey, I still seek my balance. Have you found yours?


  1. To me, these really are postcards from home.
    P.S. I can't even balance my checkbook, let alone my life!

  2. Beautiful photographs!!
    I try to find balance....but usually I go go go until I drop:):) Thanks for reminding me to slow down!!

  3. Amy, your photos are lovely. I am trying to find balance in my life but have not been very successful so far. I'll keep working at it. :0)

  4. I am..... a work in progress.
    Lately though.... I have found myself being more and more challenged to dig deeper within myself.
    I think He is "refining" me more lately than ever before. I hope this tumbling I am experiencing lately slows down a bit so I can enjoy the summer!?
    What I need is a trip to the shore!
    There is nothing more calming and peaceful and relaxing to me.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely post.


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