Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just Add Water

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  • Oh My Mud!
  • Just Add Water
  • Ma? MA!
  • Do you think she seen me?
  • But Mom, I CANT wash it off, I'm exfoliating!
  • Dad, I TOLD you the water is too shallow for water skiing!
  • But I asked for salt on my White Castles.
  • I didn't do it!
  • Building the World's Largest Oreo Cookie Castle...takes strength and determination - and sometimes a life vest!
  • I thought Mom said to "dig in the sand," not "wash my hands!"
  • Mom, I know you said not to get sand anywhere, but it just jumped up at me.
Thank you to the creative people (including Grandma!) who offered up your creative captions for the photo at the top of the post! If you want to see who came up with these clever quips, see the original post and the WhisperWood Cottage Facebook page. Each of them made me smile, so I applaud all of you!

"Just Add Water" made for the perfect post title, so thank you to one of my blog crushes, Tricia at Tricia Boutelle Photography! Tricia's photo talents put my attempts to shame, but it is work like hers that inspires me to learn more and more about photography.

This beach time adventure was part of a recent summer vacay. He had such fun pushing sand into big piles. And grand sand castles they were! He is also a fan of superheroes...especially Batman...and someone called Iron Man, I think. Don't quote me on that. I'm am not current on my superhero knowledge!


  1. Those ARE such great captions!
    What a cutie and what a great snippet of one of those silly everyday carefree summer moments as a child.


  2. Iron Man is very popular...has made two movies and one more is coming out! Who knew! Ha!!
    Great pics and the captions are terrific!!

  3. GREAT pictures. I thought maybe you were headed for mud pies there! Does anyone MAKE mudpies anymore? lol xo Diana

  4. You, my dear friend are far too kind, but your words made me smile. That little man makes me wish I had a boy. Well, not enough to actually have another one, but maybe borrow one. ;)

    It is so lovely over here, btw. I have been soooo off my game lately regarding blog reading/posting, etc... It was very nice to catch up a bit on your archives. I hope that you and Ron are well and enjoying your Summer. It's going by too fast.



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