Friday, July 8, 2011

Scenic Views of Ireland's West Coast

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Fáilte roimh whisperwood teachín!

(Welcome to WhisperWood Cottage!)

I thought I'd share some of the scenic views from Ireland's West Coast...Dingle Peninsula to be exact. My visit there was one to remember always. I was there when I was younger, but I saw it this time through new eyes. Eyes of a wiser, more mature woman who has developed a reverence for the art of nature.

The green of the grass. The blue of the sky. The aqua of the water. The white of the mist. The earth tones of the sand and stone.

Such a perfect mix. Nature is the ultimate inspiration and the best source of rejuvenation for the soul. 

I hope you are seeking and finding your own source of rest, relaxation, and renewal this summer!


  1. Oh how beautiful!! Wonderful photos!!

  2. Beautiful photos, but then it is the most beautiful country in the world (I'm not at all biased!)

  3. Good's beautiful. Ireland is the country I would want to travel to if I could. With a name like Callahan you can understand why!
    Your photos are gorgeous and more than just a little haunting.
    P.S. Don't tell anyone I said this's even more beautiful than Texas.

  4. Beautiful photos! I recognize them very well...we were in Ireland in November and my favorite place in the world is Dingle. Absolutely breathtaking and beautiful! We can't wait to go back very soon.

  5. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! I dream of going to Ireland!


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