Friday, July 15, 2011

Seven Bird & Nest Inspired Projects

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Birds and nests are fabulous inspirations from nature! There are so many unique ways that people use them in decor. Here are seven simple projects that were bird/nest inspired here at WhisperWood Cottage...

Whimsical Spring Display: Birds' Nests, Eggs & Bunsen Burner Stand

Canvas Pillow Covers with Hummingbird Stencil

Stenciled Linen Tape Candle Wrap

Bird Print Frame Makeover

Vintage Owls Get Color Makeover

Guest Room Vignette featuring Bird Art

Do you have bird or nest projects? Link up at the Saturday Nite Special over at Funky Junk Interiors!

Things to check out this weekend:

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  1. Lovely- I really LOVE that first idea! I have always loved bird's nests and birds...long before it was fashionable! I'll bet you have too~ xo Diana

  2. Ah!! My very favorite junk thing of yours is that first bird nest hotel. :) LOVE!

    Shared this on FJI Facebook for SNS 90. :)


  3. The nests are so cool! I love the floral egg too. I also love that wire flower. Did you make that?

  4. They are all really cute, but I like the first one best.

  5. Love your examples!! Those owls are fabulous!

  6. Love all the nests. I saw the first one on FJI and fell in love with it. They are all lovely but I like the first one the most. It just speaks to me for some reason.

  7. Adore that three-tiered bird nest vignette! Sooooo cute! Are those real nests?

    xoxo laurie


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