Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Tour Continues: Animals of Ireland

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If you've been following the slow drip of Ireland photos here at WWC, you've seen bits and pieces of some of the sites I saw on my recent adventure... 

Humor me a bit more as I share with you some more of my favorite shots. The creatures of Ireland were no less interesting than the people and the scenery. I guarantee each of these animals has a story to tell.

With the photos like the ones above, I always wonder what the animal is thinking while a crazy human holds a black box up to her face and snaps away. I am grateful that these animals were just as intent on watching me as I was watching them.

The insects were another story. Getting a macro shot of a constantly moving insect setting upon a flower that moves with the constantly blowing wind is a challenge. Luckily, this little bee offered to pose for a split second!

I had the honor of a carriage ride at the Muckross House in Killarney. Driven by a charming Irish gent and accompanied by a female tourist from Australia, the trot to the waterfall was one to remember.


  1. Beautiful ... absolutely beatiful. am a huge countryside and animal lover!

    With love Anita x

  2. Great photos!!! Yes...I wonder too what animals think as we take pics of them. Ha!!

  3. Love the pictures. I'm especially fond of the donkey. Cute!

  4. Takes me back there! I visited the Muckross also, but didn't get a carriage ride!

    Thanks for the journey down memory lane.

  5. Such sweet photos. What an awesome trip to have the opportunity to take.


  6. Fabulous pictures -- thanks for sharing across the miles. Feels like we are there!

  7. I like the country side lifestyle..and the forest and nature i'm a big fan..me too, feels like i'm there.


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