Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vintage Edison Battery Jar Repurposed

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Hidy-ho, neighbor! Hope y'all had a great weekend. Things were busy here at WWC with all kinds of summer things. I met my friend, Lani @ Cottage Elements, in Grand Rapids, MN, for the annual swap meet. There were vendors of all kinds there.

I picked up this glorious old Edison battery jar for a song. With a glass base and a ceramic lid, it was a miracle this piece had no chips anywhere!

I wanted to give this piece a task, so I wanted to make it more practical by adding a simple handle. I took some leftover jute rope from Canvas Corp, cut a piece to length, threaded both ends through the holes, and tied some simple knots.

Instant handle! I love simple projects like this! For right now, it's new job is to store toilet paper in the guest bath. With a clear container, your guests won't have to search for extra paper and you will know when to restock!

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  1. Great job of repurposing. The top is industrial, and shabby at the same time.

  2. You always find the coolest pieces and know what to do with them! Love it.

  3. Aren't you smart to figure out a use for this? I had no idea how big this was until I saw you photo with it containing the tp.

  4. I love those battery jars buy rarely see them around here! Well I've never seen them in Kentucky! See them in Texas some times but they're always to expensive for me! Love your repurpose!

  5. LOL I love what you used the jar for... Great re-purpose! Susan

  6. I've had one of these jars for years and never would have thought of using it this way! Mine stores cookie cutters, and has its original knob. I really like what you did with yours and mine may get a new service assignment after seeing this.

  7. That is great!! Love it!

  8. I've never even seen one of these cool jars before, Amy- it's wonderful in its re-purposed state! :-) Sue

  9. That is so very cool !! I have never seen a jar like that and I love
    what you did with it ~

  10. This is great! Very creative - smart cookie, you! Hugs, ~Leena~

  11. I just bought an Edison battery jar Saturday at the Barn House Market event in Battle Ground, Washington (state).

    I am posting a series about the event this week and I plan to finish up with my battery jar repurpose story on Friday!

    I love what you did with yours!

  12. I love this jar. WIsh I could have been there with all those amazing vendors.


  13. That is awesome, Amy! I have never seen a battery jar before...but I'm sure going to keep my eye out for one now. LOVE.


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