Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vintage Finds for the Cottage

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Holy buckets! I have not been junking/antiquing/flea marketing/garage saleing/estate saleing for sooooo long! Ron and I have been so busy with work and life that we've had to put the treasure seeking on the side burner. On Saturday, we finally had a day not consumed by other obligations so, on a whim, we hopped in the car and headed up Minnesota's North Shore.

We stopped at a couple garage sales, an estate sale, and several antique and thrift stores throughout the day. I first picked up the little wooden egg for 10 cents at a garage sale. I guess my recent post, Seven Bird & Nest Inspired Projects, was still fresh on my mind. :) The long matches in the metal canister were a $2 find at an estate sale. These will come in handy once the temperatures drop this fall and the fireplace gets put back into action!

This vintage expanding metal shelf will help create some extra storage somewhere around the house. I like  functional vintage pieces like this. I much prefer them to today's plastic versions.

This clever little find was 50% off at a going-out-of-business sale for an antique vendor who had a small shop in her garage. While many of her pieces seemed a bit over-priced, this little gem was $5 after the discount. The fabric covers some kind of malleable material that allows it to be bent and formed. It can sit on a table or over the back of a chair. So clever! A whimsical touch for a dinner party!

I picked up a couple other gems (literally and figuratively) that I'll show you this week. Did you seek out and find any treasures this weekend?

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  1. Isn't it just the most fun! I haven't been out junkin in it feel like forever ~
    I went Saturday just to get out and it was so much fun!! I kind of have the bug now and want to go everyday ~

  2. Great finds Amy! Love the reserved sign, so fun!! I always love a good day of treasure hunting!


  3. Just found your wonderful blog (not sure how I got here) and love all your great vintage finds. I've found some great stuff myself at some of the same places and will be following you from "da Range".

  4. What fun finds. I think that egg is a darning egg, isn't it? My gramma had a couple of those. And..what in the heck was that last thing actually used for? Don't you just love it? And $5? Wow! xo Diana

  5. I know what you mean about not having opportunity to get out and junk! I FINALLY got to go last weekend with my DIL while visiting our son and his wife and family at their lake cottage in northern IN. We had a blast, and found all kinds of goodies. Love your sign and egg darner. I have a little collection of those in an old wooden sewing basket. Hope you get to go again soon!

  6. I (always) LOVE your finds! The Reserved sign fits over the top edge of a pew. I've seen them in church, mostly used to reserve front pews for family during funerals. But for dinner parties, it's perfect too!

    Happy hunting!!

  7. I didn't have a chance to go junking at all, but I love what you found!
    I think the matches are almost too pretty to use. :)

  8. What cool finds! Love that shelf!!
    No haven't had a chance to go junking! Sigh!
    It has been awhile...need to get out there!

  9. So loving that reserved sign! Great idea for a dinner party. Love the ring you found too. Check to see if you see the numbers 925 on the ring and then you will know it is for sure silver. I always check and then you know you got a good piece!



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