Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vintage Printer's Tray Photo Display in the Guest Room

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Here's a fun and simple project that took only minutes to do!

It all started with this vintage printer's tray that I picked up from Junk {Re}defined at Junk Bonanza last year. It's been sitting in storage for almost a year...waiting for inspiration to strike!

With a few minutes, a few supplies, and a little ingenuity, I had an instant display for photos, postcards, and/or notes from friends and family.

It has a happy new home in the guest room. Did you notice I changed out the headboard slipcover and the  bedding? The denim and white has a fresh summer feel to it. I feel light and happy walking into this space!

The tutorial for this project is featured at 


  1. Beautiful! Love the tray idea. Denim and white is my absolute favourite, and paired up with some vintage woods- stunning!

  2. Wow I love that! What a great find this is and you made beautiful use of it!

  3. I love this room. The denim and white is so crisp and I adore the side tables and how you've done those. The sign, ladder and now this printer's tray make it just perfect.

  4. I love the combination of accents in this room. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Where the Lone Star State Meets the Puget Sound

  5. Love it- My hubby had a printer's tray from when he was a kid and his brother ended up with it along the way! xo Diana

  6. Love the greyhound. Must have. Sea witch

  7. Tray looks great. Nice idea to use it for cards and notes, and the wood looks great on that wall. Bed looks fresh and bright too. Love what you did.

  8. great, unique space!


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