Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vintage Turquoise Ring: $5 Garage Sale Find

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Found this gem (hee! hee!) of a turquoise ring at a garage sale last weekend. I'm not usually into jewelry that much, but this one caught my eye. For five buckaroos, I couldn't pass it up.

The older woman who was selling it said that it had belonged to her mother. I'm guessing it is sterling silver, as most vintage turquoise jewelry pieces usually are. It has a adjustable band, which makes it easily wearable on any finger. 

Turquoise pieces remind me of summer...maybe the color reminds me of the ocean, the sky, a pool...I don't know. Turquoise just has a fresh, vibrant, and cool feel to it, don't you think?

Are you a fan of vintage jewelry pieces? Any great jewelry finds lately or long ago?


  1. great find. such a pretty ring.

  2. Oh... I love it!!! It does speak of summer... and I want to go swimming now! *geesh*

    ;-D Vintage jewelry... my weakness...


  3. I would have taken this home with me too!
    So pretty... and I know my daughter would have tried to take it from me!
    I occasionally love pieces of old jewelry.
    My favorite find was a long strand of orange bakelite beads that I love!

  4. Love it and such a great price. It is definitely a beautiful piece:)

  5. Great piece. I have a few favorite pieces that I wear over and over again. My Mother-in-law was a huge turquoise fan and I think my daughter has a couple of her pieces. It DOES remind me of summer and I always associate it with that Season- You did great on that purchase-and the price was just right! xo Diana

  6. One way to tell if it is sterling... it will have "925" stamped into it somewhere. Perhaps on the band, around the setting on the underside, but if it is sterling, it will be marked. Great find. I'm into vintage jewelry. I buy and resell.

  7. Great Find! I love vintage jewelry, especially in turquoise!

  8. Your ring reminds me of one that my mom bought when I was younger and one my grandmother bought at the same time. Turquoise reminds me of our family trip to the southwest! Yours in beautiful, enjoy!

  9. Some old turquoise rings are quite valuable! You may have found a greater find than you thought!

  10. Beautiful ring! I love and have an extensive collection of vintage jewellery. I've been sharing some of my treasures with 'Trinket Tuesday' posts on my blog. Feel free to pop over and have a peek. :)

  11. Years ago it was customary for Americans to take a trip to exotic Mexico....and I too have souvenirs of my grandparents trips...smiles.

  12. My husband was a Christian singer/songwriter and about 20 years ago an old man gave him a very large, heavy turquoise ring at one of his concerts as a 'love offering'. We held on to that ring for 20 years and I finally took it to the Antique Roadshow when it came here to Phoenix. The guy that appraised it said it was a very rare quality turquoise and worth $400- $500 dollars! I was thrilled!


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