Monday, August 15, 2011

Anniversary Giveaway: Let's Go Clubbing!

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Well, what do you know? We've got a little ol' giveaway here at WWC today. I just realized that WhisperWood Cottage celebrated it's third anniversary a few days ago. So, how about a virtual party? Maybe a nightclub party? Better yet, how about 250 Nightclub Flyers/Flyers from UPrinting? Can you hear the thump, thump, thump of the club music? Aw, yeah!

Don't let the "nightclub" term scare you. I'm pretty sure there are not many WhisperWood Cottage readers who are out clubbing it up or opening their own nightclubs any time soon. Around here, "nightclub" happens around 9 pm when we fall asleep on the couch before the news even comes on. Holla!

So, how would you like 250 flyers to do with whatever you please? How about birth announcements, wedding invites, birthday party flyers, thank you cards, or personalized postcards? Oh, yeah! That's how we roll here!!

Okay, here's the prize for 1 lucky winner:
  • 250 Nightclub Flyers / Flyers
  • 4.25" x 5.5", 4" x 6" 14pt
  • Cardstock Gloss
  • Front Only Printing
  • Nightclub flyer templates and business flyer templates also available for download
  • 3 Business Days Turnaround

Here's the low-down on the giveaway:

TO ENTER: Comment on this post using one of the following words: Holla!, nightclub, or flyer
BONUS QUESTION: How would you use the flyers?
GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Wednesday, August 17, 4 pm CST
WINNER: 1 winner, randomly selected using, will be announced Wed. evening. If the person drawn has won a UPrinting giveaway in the past 6 months, a new winner will be drawn.
SHIPPING: Free shipping limited to U.S. residents 18 years old and above only.

This giveaway is sponsored by UPrinting. No monetary compensation was given, and I will receive night club flyers for hosting. For more information about flyers, please visit




  1. Congratulations on three great yrs. Here's to many more.

  2. Oh, I would use the flyers for my sister's dog-walking business. Thanks!

  3. I have no idea how I would use the flyers but I'm sure I could figure it out! Congratulations on 3 years!

  4. I would love the flyers. We have an annual barn party that I've just started working on the invites. Would love some professional help! I checked out their site and they have some great ideas.


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