Sunday, August 7, 2011

Feeling Blue: Hourglass Stenciled Canvas Pillow Cover

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I've been feeling blue lately. Not sad. Just feeling the need for blue in my life. 

You probably saw my recent blue and white Ikat chair reupholstery project. Now, with a little help from DecoArt, Cutting Edge Stencils, Canvas Corp, and Rockler (all sponsors of The DIY Club), I used an hourglass stencil to add a graphic punch of blue to a canvas pillow cover.

I was surprised at how quickly the project went. I'm thinking of all kinds of other stencils and paint colors I can use to transform more canvas pillow covers! While I have made pillow covers before (with the help of my dear mother), I love the concept of pre-made pillow covers...saves me the hyper-ventilation that accompanies my attempts to sew!

So, this settee vignette went from okay (above)... more visually interesting (below).

I love the large graphic! It adds a contemporary edge to balance the traditional settee. And the blue color is perfect with the denim bolster. It's a happy, eclectic mix!

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  1. Gorgeous! I just love denim and the new pillow is lovely!

  2. I love it! I really need to get some new stencils. That color is gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful job! I love the blue you used...
    Nice! Susan

  4. That's awesome!!! If I had THAT pillow I would put blue in my house. ;-D

    Love it! robelyn

  5. That looks really great! I love the blue and white graphic image on this one! zo Diana

  6. I love stenciling fabric. it is my new way to update anything. Nice work.

  7. I cannot believe that is a stencil!
    It is perfection!
    Love the fabrics and the sign and settee ---- great looking vignette.
    Love it all.
    Great job!

  8. This pillow really stood out to me. It's very modern and fresh. You picked a great stencil and color!

  9. I'm loving your pillow! It looks great with the denim pillow.
    Thanks for sharing @ Catch as Catch Can, and linking back to me.
    ps "catching" you this week

  10. How rich are those colors. I, too, have that denim bolster. Love it!
    PS. We named the bolster pillow: sausage pillow. How fun is that? It makes us giggle during pillow fights.


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