Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Literal "Elephant in the Room"

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It's true. There's an elephant in the room at WhisperWood Cottage. It followed me home. I swear! 

Driving home last weekend, I noticed an open stall at one of those storage places. A sale, perhaps? Images of American Pickers and Storage Wars flashed before me. Better check it out! The truck went from 60 to 5 in about 3 seconds. Oops! Didn't want to miss the turn.

I didn't see anything much at first. When I saw the elephant table, something about it caught my eye. It wouldn't say it is my normal style, but our styles change as we change, right? Gotta keep it authentic! Expecting it to be super-expensive, I half-heartedly cast the question over my shoulder..."How much is the elephant?" The seller kind of hemmed and hawed for a few seconds. Nothing was marked, so she was making prices up on the spot. I guess I expected her to be dreaming up some astronomical number to cover her emotional attachment to the piece. Thankfully, she was not. "$25," she said.

Okay. $25? Either I am thinking this is more valuable than it is (after all, it could be some cheap piece from some kind of discount store), or she doesn't know what she has, or she really wants to get rid of it. I had to investigate more. I asked, "Do you know anything about it?" She said that she bought it about 10 years ago from some store for around $350. Interest piqued! Which store? Neither she nor her daughter could accurately recall. Still skeptical, I rambled about the other stuff they had out for a while. I debated and debated. Did she really pay that much for it? Is she recalling accurately? After a few minutes, I decided to go for it. As I was handing her the cash, she all of a sudden blurted out, "Ethen Allen!"

I never thought about checking the markings to confirm her assertion. It wasn't until I got home and flipped over the elephant to find...

Italian ceramic? Awesome. Ethan Allen? Verified. Not too shabby! I did a little web search to see what I could find for prices. I did not find anything similar that is currently offered at Ethan Allen, but I did find this image of a ceramic elephant side table at Apartment Therapy...

Stacy Rukeyser via Apartment Therapy

I found them for sale for as much as $580...

Picture of White Ceramic Elephant Side Table
The Well Appointed House

...as little as $49.95...

Click here to view larger image
Z Gallerie

I think I made a good investment, and I think he/she likes his/her new home. Nothing like a white ceramic elephant side table add a little interest to a room! Did you know that elephants with their trunks up stand for good luck? Placed near the front door, he'll/she'll be there to welcome guests and bring luck to all who pass by.

So, what the verdict? Girl or boy elephant?


  1. Hi Amy,
    I think he's a boy...and great job on your find! Don't you love it when you're driving along and your wheels magically start turning towards some unknown treasure? Makes it such a great day.
    Do you have a name picked out?
    I just had an EA find of my own...big gorgeous chair and ottoman for a hundred bucks!

  2. I think it's a boy. Elmer. :) Great find!

  3. OMG. Are you kidding me?! I would kill for one of those elephants! Okay, not really, but man! I've been wanting some for my office for forever. I guess some of us have all the luck. ;) I think it's a boy too. I'd name him Herman or something silly.

    Much Love,

  4. What a fantastic find!! and for that price!! It looks great!

  5. Looks like you were in the right place at the right time! I like him!

  6. That's unexpected...but in a good way :) I think it's a girl for some reason and I have nothing to back that up. Interesting about how lucky it can be. i have horseshoes hanging above our doors for the same reason (and we live in Texas so they fit us).

  7. sweet deal....smiles.

  8. Great find!I have to tell Paula, she'll be so jealous. I think it's a girl, kinda looks like she has hair bows.Very cool!

  9. So perfect! Definitely boy


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