Monday, August 29, 2011

A Project, An Adventure, A Name, and A Challenge!

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As promised, here is a second re-purpose for a vintage brass printer's tray. For instructions, check out the featured project post at The DIY Club. If you missed the first project, go here.

I told you in the last post that I'd been "jazzing the glass." If you need another hint of where my adventure took me, here's a photo that might give you a clue.

Does that waterfall look familiar? Think "fantasy" and "island." Any guesses yet? Well, my visit there informed the name for my garage sale find elephant

Some of you suggested names such as Ellie, Eva, Elga, Eleanor, and Evie. Well, based on my recent adventure, the elephant's official name is `Ele...pronounced ay-lay. It is short for `elepane...the word for elephant in the language of where my adventure took me.


Now, any guesses on the location of my adventure? Here are the clues again...
1. I jazzed the glass there.
2. There's a waterfall that is related to "fantasy" and "island."
3. In the language of that place, `elepane is the word for elephant.

Brownie points to the person identifies the correct location!
Double brownie points if you also indicate what "jazzing the glass" means.
Triple brownie points if you can name the waterfall, too.


  1. Lovely photo.
    Here goes...

    I think it's Wailua Falls in the island of Kawaii where the opening of "Fantasy Island" was shot.

    Where you "jazzed the glass" and "rode the waves."

    In Hawaii.

    Am I close? :)
    All the best,
    Dana at CookingAtCafeD

  2. You are in Hawaii, and Jazzing the glass means you were surfing! Glass refers to smooth water (as opposed to rough surf).

  3. I turn my back for just a minute and look where you land up...Kauai! You are such a little stinker...and I'm so jealous.

  4. Definitely Hawaii! So gorgeous! And you were surfing??

  5. You were surfing the waves in Kauai! Lucky you. The waterfall is the Fantasy Island Falls, Wailua Falls.


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