Friday, September 16, 2011

All About Upholstery...with Side Ramblings on 90s Workout Videos

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I was checking out Apartment Therapy today and came across a few posts about upholstery. Thought you might enjoy the video above from Spruce Home on Etsy. Spruce Home is owned and operated by two women from Austin, TX, with amazing design and upholstery skills.

They have a new upholstery video called "Tight Seats and Backs"...

Upholstery Video 1: Tight Seats and Backs
They even have an accompanying journal...

Upholstery Video 1 Journal

I'm fascinated by the upholstery hand tool kit they sell...

Upholstery Hand Tool Kit

And I am completely enamored with the style, skills, and products of these two women! No, they are not paying me to say any of this. I just came across their site and products and thought WWC friends might enjoy seeing what's out there.

Maybe I'll add these items to my Christmas list! Paying attention, Mom? {crickets} Mommy? 

Seriously, I would love to own all the items above, especially their "Tight Seats and Backs" video. That title reminds of those workout videos in the 90s...what were they called?, yeah, like "Abs of Steel," "Buns of Steel." Aahahaha! I used to own those. Actually, I still have one...the VHS tape of "Buns of Steel Yoga." It's seriously good, so don't mock me! 

Want to know a secret? I used to have a different copy, but I went on one of those "sell everything at a garage sale" binges and ended up getting rid of it. Months later, I felt like doing yoga, so I went to get my video. Shock. Horror. Did...I...sell...that? Oddly enough, there was a Buns of Steel Yoga VHS tape for sale on Ebay. Yup. That's right. I ordered a circa 1990 VHS workout tape off of Ebay...and, no, it was not that long ago. Should I be embarrassed? Forget that! I manifested what I wanted! High fives all around!

I digress. Back to the main point. Is there a main point? Feeling kind of snarky today...maybe snarky is not the right about silly and sassy? Yes, that's how I'm feeling!

I digress again. On Sunday (drumroll, please), I will be showing you an upholstery project that Ron and I did ourselves! Whaaaat? Yes, that's right! We did it, and I'll show you how! We did have guidance, though. Cuz, seriously, I am no Miss Mustard Seed! More details on Sunday!

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  1. Loved the video and their choices of fabric is amazing!! Love that for sure!
    Thanks for the intro to these Divas!!

  2. Ahhh hilarious 90s video tangent. Thanks for making me smile after a cold 20 mile run :) :)

  3. I don't think I've done a workout video since the days of leotards, leg warmers and headbands. Picture Olivia Newton John in her Physical video.....or maybe I looked more like Richard Simmons!!
    Looking forward to seeing the upholstery project.

  4. Ha! This post is hilarious. Mom? Mommy? Are you a Stewie fan? ; )
    I want that tool set, too. I have chairs to do, but not the tools. I started taking out staples...that's for the birds! Too hard without the proper tools. Thanks for the intro!


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