Sunday, September 4, 2011

Garage Sale Find: 1930s Rand McNally Globe

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A random stop at a garage sale on my way to town yielded this bad boy of a globe!

It's called a Special Ranally Physical-Political Globe.

The red lines you see across the globe are the shipping lines of the era.

It was not marked with a date, but after a little sleuthing on the web, I found out that the globe and support were patented in 1935...

...and the globe mounting was patented in 1936.

It has a large metal base with casters on it so that it is more easily moved across the floor. 

The entire piece is metal...even the globe, which is covered with a paper material.

Beyond the tables of clothing, knick-knacks, and miscellany, you never know what will be hiding in the corner of a garage at a sale!

Now, where to put it?

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  1. Wow! That is so cool! I've never seen one like it before.

  2. That must have been so excited to stumble upon that treasure. Your photos look great too. I love your wood door.

  3. HOLY COW! WHAT a find! Unbelievable piece of our school history! xo Diana

  4. I would have died and gone to heaven. And then spent all of my yard sale money all on this one globe. What a fantastic find!


  5. Love it! What a great find. It is things like this globe that make yard sales so exciting - you really never know what will be hiding.

  6. There are globes and then there's this! The base/stand alone is a find and so cool! You can put it anywhere since it will be noticed wherever it is.

  7. THANK you so much for mentioning our room to vote on! That means a lot, especially since I pretty much love anything you do! And would love to have as good of an eye as you!


  8. What a lucky and unique find! I love it - perfect accessory for your beautiful home! I found some vintage wooden tools this past weekend. Not sure of the year but they're cool!

    So excited for the 31 days of Hope! Thanks so much for the shout out about the room design challenge! We really appreciate it! :)

  9. They had one of these globes at a local antique store with the base painted red. I kept waiting for the price ($85) to be reduced so I could buy it for our grandson, but somebody bought it.

    Yours is in much better shape and I bet you didn't pay $85! Lucky you!

  10. This is SO cool -- LOVE the color of it and that stand is to die for -- great, great find!!

  11. What a fantastic find! I have never seen one of those on a stand.

  12. whoa, that would have stopped me in my tracks! that is one very COOL globe. love the patent diagrams, they would make such great wall art.

    as to where to put it...we have our globe collection( all three of them) in our home office...put it in a living room, reading room, or wherever the color would work as an accent. where you put it amy, it will look awesome!

  13. Wow, what a great find. I've found a few globes but never any this old or funky.

  14. I'm experiencing globe envy right now...that is beautiful! I'd be happy to take it off your hands if you can't find a suitable home for it ;)

  15. Beeeeeyond fantastic!!

    It'll tell you where it belongs soon enough!

  16. Very cool Amy. My friend has been looking for a cool globe. Lucky you.

  17. Best globe ever! What a find! I LOVE globes.


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