Sunday, September 18, 2011

How We Made Our Own Tufted Faux Fur Ottoman...and How You Can, Too!

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With the help of The Upholstery Studio's Home Decor 1-2-3 Project Plan, Kit, and Video, Ron and I made this furry beast of an ottoman! We did more than upholster it. We actually built it...from the ground up! Talk about a learning experience! It was challenging and amazing to learn!!

Check out the process of our ottoman building. We ordered the Kit from Ottoman Collection 3. It started as a bunch of upholstery supplies, and upholstery tools from The Upholstery Studio...

...and ended up like this...

In addition to the fabulous educational Home Decor 1-2-3 Project Plan, Kit, and Video from The Upholstery Studio, we also used Gorilla Glue Wood Glue...

Through this whole process, the most difficult part was not the building of it. The DVD and instructions made that easy. The most difficult part was simply choosing the fabric! I was going to go a whole different and more predictable way. At the last minute in the fabric store, I saw this white faux fur and thought, "Why not?" With the upcoming winter, I went with the fur and we learned to tuft!

That's right! Tuft! Who doesn't need a tufted white faux fur ottoman on casters? I can't think of anyone!

Do you want to learn how to 
make your own ottoman?

Well, get a load of this! You can win your own Home Decor 1-2-3 ottoman kit and tools from The Upholstery Studio!! Wooooohoooooo! Just head over to The DIY Club and register to win! You can also see the ottomans that Cheri, Holly, and Roeshel made, too!

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  1. amy, that is so awesome! i LOVE it!!!! you guys are genius!

  2. That ottoman is fab-u-Lo-so! Love it!

  3. Two words...



    Really... Is there anything you cannot do? Bravo, you!

  4. Amy, you outdid yourself this time..
    I really really like this piece.


  5. I just LOVE it! "It's so fluffy, I could die!" haha! I do love the tufting and fluffiness and think it's a great accent piece! Great job!!! Time to put your feet up and rest!

  6. You did a great job...and that is a BIG job..and I am glad to think that no fur-bearers were harmed in the making! Hugs- Diana

  7. Amy - it is dreamy...I adore this fabric selection and love the square. I think I need more ottomans in my life!

  8. It is perfect for Miss Goo's room--hint hint whenever you are done with it.

    I love the FUR.


  9. What an awesome piece!! You guys did a great job and I love your fabric choice.
    I'm heading over to sign up for the giveaway. Thx!

  10. Great job! You were smart to buy (gifted?) the webbing puller, stapler puller, stapler setter and specialty cutter to make holes in the foam. Especially the foam-hole-cutter-thingy - not fun to make nice holes in foam! It is not easy to find all the specialty stuff if you're not doing upholstery regularly. Great kit!

  11. Now that is impressive! love it with the brown couch and fablous old sign!

  12. Great look! I love that you went with the fur, gives it that nice extra flair.

  13. Love it!! You guys did an awesome job!! We just made one too, please come and check it out!!

  14. Love it...I have one I got for free that I plan on recovering in faux fur...Now i can't wait to get started.
    PS I'm pinning this. :)


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