Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thrifty Junking Finds

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Well, vintage lovers, I am soooo behind in sharing my junking finds with you. The brass lamp above? Garage sale find on my way to work on Friday. Yes, it's adjustable. Yes, it's vintage. Yes, it's sweet. And only $4.

The German tin above (made in Western Germany says the stamped bottom), with the greyound/whippet type hunting dogs was 50 cents at Goodwill.

This vintage Bromwell flour sifter made me smile...those red apples with the white metal...vintage kitschy happiness!

These two step stools were $4 each at an auction. The rolling cart? Only $6 at one of my favorite (and secret) junk haunts.

The galvanized labels were $2 for all at the same secret junk place.

Gazillion foot tall library ladder? A Craig's List find. Came from a local bookstore that closed about 20 years ago. Not antique like my other library ladders, but it is much taller and has it's own vintage attitude.

This quirky little sign hanging at eye level...too fun!

Great details on the iron work...

and all trolleys in place! It came with the track and mounting hardware, too. Yum!

This beautimous little table was a flea market find in August. It is the perfect scale and tone for the living room.

Remember Heywood and Wakefield...the pair of chairs I had? You can read how we "adopted" them, accessorized them, and sold them. Well this is Heywood, Jr. and Wakefield, Jr. A matching pair of Heywood-Wakefield footstools/ottomans. In a warm, fall-inspired, golden tone.

I also found something to fill this corner of our ├╝ber-large back deck. More on that soon! And I just remembered a couple other August finds that I forgot. Better grab the camera!

I'll be posting some of the auction things that I did NOT get over at Junkologie, so stop on over to see the other goodies at the auction.

I also have a huuuuge list of projects that I wan to get posted. I'm talking projects involving burlap, exterior paint, spray paint, sanding, repurposing, and rearranging. Lots to come!

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  1. My favorites are the cart, and ladder. I am in need of a ladder that tall to open some window that are 20ft in my living room. I would die for the ladder. All great finds:)

  2. I seriously need to go junking with you. i can't believe all the cool stuff you find each week. I loooove those galvanized signs...super cool!!! Your secret place must be amazing.

  3. Oh my! You have been quite the busy little thirsting bee. One treasure was even better than the one before. But I gotta admit, that Library ladder stole my heart. What are you going to do with it, beside hold your huge tall tree up? LOL I wish I had better thrift stores around here. Mine are quite simply junk. And I don't mean "junque." JUNK! haha Loved seeing your treasures. Have a great week. Blessings, Barb

  4. You found some great things! The lamp and ladder both made my heart beat faster. :)

  5. Wow! Fantastic finds. I love that ladder.

  6. Isn't it sweet having secret shopping places! I love all your treasures and can't wait to see what you will be doing next!

  7. You are the best junk finder I know. These treasures are awesome!!! Makes me want to shop this week! ;)

  8. That flour sifter is sweet! I'm going to have to get rid of the rust colored walls in my kitchen so I can bring back some funky red "stuff".

  9. Love your latest finds, Amy! Missed you @ JMS Under Glass the other day....

  10. What great finds. My favorite has to be the lamp, love it!

  11. What awesome finds. That lamp for $4.00!! Love those foot stools too. And that ladder!! Love it all.
    Thanks for letting me know about the Authentic Style linky party. I've linked my yardstick tray tonight.
    Have a great week.

  12. If it is galvanized or on wheels - I love it, so I love the cart and labels!

  13. The $6 cart is my favorite. I too have secret sources for great junk. These are all excellent finds!

  14. Love the cart and that ladder!! And the lamp is totally awesome! What great finds!!


  15. Have not been over in a while and wooooweeee u scored some good Junk! That metal cart and stools are too die for, have a great week! Janna

  16. So pretty! I loved everything. I love finding good stuff at garage sales for a mere pittance when you know it's a treasure!

  17. I can't believe you got that lamp for $4, people are crazy for the things they get rid of. Good for you on finding it!

    Loving that ladder too!


  18. Wow, love it all! Esp the lamp and the ladder... you're simply going to have to raise the roof and install floor to ceiling bookshelves!

  19. What great finds! That ladder came with the mounting hardware too? Fantastic! I am so glad that you found some footstooldren to spoil like you did the chairdren You must have some wonderful haunts in your neck of the woods and I can't wait to see the projects you have lined up and the secret deck item! Thanks so much for sharing! Hugs, ~Leena~

  20. hi Amy ~ on your way to work? are you even kidding? so funny, but so serious about finding the good stuff! And that desk lamp is a true prize. I'm falling for it from afar. That bookstore ladder is wonderful too. All your treasures are fabulous! xo Diane

  21. The brass desk lamp was such a great find!
    Hope you're having a great week!
    xo E + J


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