Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 Days of Hope: Faux Fur Jewelry Display Up for Auction

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Need a special way to display your jewelry?

How about a faux fur jewelry display?

Winter white and cozy...the perfect place to display your special pieces.

It coordinates with the burlap earring display that will also go up for auction starting October 22.

Read more about this auction item: Amy's Table Top Faux Fur Jewelry Display.

Read more about the auction itself: 31 Days of Hope.

Go pink!

If you missed my first auction item, check it out!...Burlap Earring Display.
If you missed my second auction item, check it out, too!...Stenciled Canvas Tags.

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  1. Very cute and no rabbits were harmed in the process....right?;>) xo Diana


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