Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Found Items for Unique Autumn Display: Industrial Machinery Wheels & Marble Horse Head Bookends

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When fall comes around, decorating turns to autumn colors and rich earth tones.

We normally think of leaves and pumpkins, 

but why not striaed marble and patinaed industrial machinery wheels?

I picked up these vintage marble horse head bookends for a song 

at an antique store in Wisconsin.

Mixed with this set of industrial machinery wheels,

which my in-laws scored for me,

a unique autumn display is born.

Have you expressed your authentic style by creating any unique autumn displays? 

If so, what did you include?


  1. Wow this is so cool & creative! What great finds, & great in-laws! Hehe!

  2. Oooh, very cool and totally Amy&Ron authentic. I love the way you used the bookends to hold/highlight the awesome machinery wheels. I guess my vintage numbered cow tags that I used in my dining room display would count as an authentic and unique autumn display(although on a smaller scale.)

  3. Love so much! I used a box of small gold leaf vintage mirrors for my Fall mantel and it brings a whole new element to it. Thanks so much for sharing! Take care, Laura

  4. OMG I love those wooden wheels so much! I love the way they look in your decorating.... !!! What a great find! I used rusty cogs and wheels in my fall mantel... http://www.homeroad.net/2011/09/bring-on-fall.html
    Great job! Love it!

  5. Very Cool pictures you took with your vintage finds! The wooden wheels are awesome and make a great display together. Love it.
    Tattered Tiques

  6. Oh my gosh!! Loving your gears and the photos are amazing!!

  7. Amy! Love this! The wooden wheels are to die for, girlie! The possibilities in the future are endless! Woohoo!

  8. Such a gorgeous autumn display! I LOVE those machinery wheels!!

  9. I've used a set of vintage scales, you know - what the Statue of Liberty is holding?

    And, I put acorns on one side and pine cons on the other for Autumn. For Christmas I put shiny brite ornament minis on one side and candy on the other.

    Love those wooden wheels!


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