Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hanalei Bay on Canvas

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I received an email from Easy Canvas a while back. They explained that they print photos to canvas...a gallery wrapped canvas, to be exact! I've aaaalways wondered about online canvas places. I love the concept and the look, but ordering things online without having any idea of the quality is not something I do often...or do with any confidence. When they asked me to write a review on a free 8x10, I was thrilled to give the process and product a test run.

Then the REAL issue began. Which of my kazillion Ireland or Hawaii photos was I going to print on my one free canvas? I'm embarrassed to tell you that it took me about three months to decide. I feel a bit bad for the rep that was dealing with me. He handled it well, though. :) 

You can see above how my photos translated onto the 8x10 canvas. When I first opened it, I thought it looked a little too orange. As you compare the photo I submitted (first photo in this post) to the canvas I received (second photo), you can see that the colors/hues/tones are the same. So, if I don't like the color, it has nothing to do with the canvas printing and everything to do with how I perceived the colors on my computer screen.

You'll also notice that some of the photo is cropped on the canvas. This is because the original photo proportions are different than the 8x10 canvas proportions. Luckily, I was able to determine the placement of the photo and where it would be cropped. I appreciated that option. I will say that I think the canvas printing process loses some of the photo details, but I am quite happy with the overall effect and the quality of the canvas itself.

The conclusion of my Easy Canvas review? Thumbs up!

Would I order from them in the future? Yes, I think I would.

What recommendation would I make to Easy Canvas? I guess I don't have any recommendations. The ordering process was simple to follow and the quality was good.

What recommendations would I make to you? 
  1. Don't take three months to choose the photo you want to print. Just go for it!
  2. Understand that printed images might look slightly different in person than they do on the screen.
  3. Take advantage of discounts. Find the best canvas deal for whatever it is you want to order. For example, you can find deals on their website (currently 25% off and free shipping) or their Facebook page ("like" them and get 50% off and free shipping for your next order).

What I love about this canvas the most is that it allows me to have a special and frequent reminder of my amazing Hawaiian vacation. Each time I see this canvas, I am instantly transported to a special time and place...sunset at Hanalei Bay, Kauai. That is something I both cherish and recommend!


  1. Amy, that photo is perfection. What a great choice for the canvas! Love it.

  2. We put a photo on canvas and gave it away as a gift. I thought it turn out really nicely - we'll likely do it again !


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