Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nautical to Autumnal: Studio Gets Fall Makeover

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The studio got a little changeover for the fall season.
Remember my stenciled screen project from last fall?

It was moved indoors to replace the vintage boat hoist behind the Sexy Beast.



I also moved the barrister's bookcase back into the living room
and brought the pair of vintage medical cabinets back into the studio...

More updates to come! :)


  1. Looking good- Like you are cozying up for the season!

  2. Those medical cabinets are de-lish. Let me know if you get tired of them! I think we are within driving distance! ;)

  3. You are just cracking me up with all the studio makeovers! Let it go girl, back away from the studio LOL! I do love seeing all the transformations because each one is filled with awesome items and ideas and inspiration! I really like those medical cabinets in there too. Glad that the sexy beast has gotten to stay.That piece looks perfect in there and seems so comfy! Maybe I'll just pop in for a little nap time on it =:) Have a great weekend, sweets! Happy Halloween! Leena

  4. The screen look great inside. You are taunting me with those medical cabinets. I love them!


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