Thursday, October 6, 2011

Organizing Your Garage with a Junk-Inspired Mobile Work Station

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As promised yesterday, here are some details on the mobile work station.

I started with this floral cart, which I found at a flea market in 2010. I've simply been using it as storage in the garage as shown in yesterday's post.

Next, I added this Mac Tools electronic shop tool set board that I found at an antique store last year, too. It had been there a looooong time and I had talked myself out of it soooo many times. One day, I decided to get it and make it work somewhere, someday. This was finally the right place and time. I used a vintage sign letter to lift it up to the proper height. Then I simply cut some twine, threaded it through the existing holes, and tied it to the top bar of the cart. 

Then I added my tools! I'll give more details on those in another post.

This "Serve Yourself" display piece, found at the same antique store that I found the Mac Tools piece, actually has four metal legs. On a whim, I eyed the floral cart and mentally pictured the "Serve Yourself" piece across the top. Would it fit? Let's try it! I left the legs in the shed and started maneuvering it onto the top of the cart. At first, it was just a little to narrow. THEN, I realized that I could pull out the sides a bit and fit it snugly down into place.

On the bottom of my cart is where my upcoming projects will go. I'm using some vintage wire baskets to organize the projects and necessary supplies. This way, I have a visual on what needs to be done and can choose an appropriate project based on the amount of time I have and what the weather is doing outside.

There she is! She's golden! She's mint! She rocks!

And the best part? She's on casters! A must in my house and garage!

Oops. Looky there. My stash of projects just got bigger. Better get to work!


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  1. That is fantastic! I love the way you just whipped that thing together. Your project pile looks like mine :)

  2. Don't you just love finds like that? She is just perfect! I wonder what the old Serve Yourself thing was actually used for? Ummm...the OCD person in me wants to make those things you hung up there fit into the outlines shown under them!;>) What a fun cart! xo Diana

  3. Awesome repurpose!! I love how you took all the pieces and parts and made them look seamless in your new work station. You are going to get so much use out of that. Love it!

  4. how much do I love this? Fabulous vertical storage and will accommodate plenty of larger bulky things (I wouldn't know anything about having excess bulky objects hanging around, of course.) So glad you added the little red tool signage - that is the perfect touch. Sort of like old time hardware shop meets modern day glam :)


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