Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trip Down Halloween Memory Lane

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We don't get trick or treaters in our neighborhood, so Halloween tends to feel like any other night for us. In fact, the only people to see our simple Halloween decor are our blog readers. Lucky you, right? The only thing I did this year was to add some vinyls from Ten23 Designs to the mirror above and the lanterns below. I love how simple and fun vinyls can be!

I had a high school friend who was "batty" for all things Halloween and spooky, but it has never really been my thing. I had my share of trick or treating adventures with my brothers though. In Wisconsin, our costumes were usually covered up by winter coats or rain coats...depending on the weatherman's form of torture for that year. My mother would drive us on the rounds to see the great grandparents, grandparents, aunts, and special friends of the family. The ladies would make a fuss over us as they handed out special treat bags made just for us. 

We would then come home with our "haul" of candy, which we would then methodically organize, (while simultaneously checking for needles or other tampering). I also remember having to protect my candy stash from "thieves" (aka, parents and brothers) who thought I might want to share.

I know my mother has photos of me in these get-ups, but here are some of the costumes I wore as a child in the 70s:

Oh, yes, Isis. I remember wearing this super hero costume in kindergarten. Why would I remember that? Because I was wearing it while I won a game of "who can fit under the blocks without knocking them over." I was ├╝ber-tiny as a kindergartener, so I rocked this game. What did I win? I got to be first in line to go to lunch. Score!

Casper! I have no idea how old I was when I wore this. I just remember wearing it. I also remember how hot and uncomfortable those vintage masks were. And how I could barely see anything out of those eye holes. But wearing it got me candy, so who was I to complain?

Girl's Princess Leia Costume

I also remember being Princess Leia one year. I was and still am a Star Wars fan. I think my mother made my Princess Leia costume (she's crafty like that) and twisted my hair up somehow. I'm pretty sure it was freezing rain that year, so my costume was covered up under a big ol' green winter coat.

I wish I had the actual photos to show you, but then maybe it's better I don't! :) I hope you and the trick or treating kids in your life are having a blast this Halloween!


  1. The lanterns look cute and I really like the long mirror. Growing up, and even with our kids, we have had many Halloweens with freezing, wet or even snowy weather. My sister makes the most awesome costumes for her grandkids and always includes thick coordinating capes to keep them warm. If you really want, we could send some of the 150+ kids we get your way ;)

  2. Oh- I remember those costumes with the masks so well! They were so awful. I don't think they even sell them anymore, do they?

    Living in the country we never dressed up except at the school parties but it was fun, but not nearly the fun that the kids have today! xo Diana

  3. Wow, I had a flashback after seeing that mask in your first photo. Remember those... the plastic would get hot and sticky inside... yuk! We don't get any children here either and my 3 children are all too old for it. I made every one of their costumes when they did go out. The only decoration I have up is an outdoor Hallowe'en flag.


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